SALT – movie review

Released: 2010 Go to IMDb page Information © Salt Angelina Jolie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, August Diehl, Hunt Block, Olek Krupa, Corey Stoll, It has been a while since I have used the local cinema but when I saw the promo for Angelina Jolie’s new action flick, SALT, I thought it was time to break the [...]


When is a pork barrel not a pork barrel?

When it’s a littler pork barrel. Tony Abbott is having a tough week. Some of it expected which isn’t so bad but a couple of surprises have been visited upon him that he would not have anticipated. Firstly The Greens signed on for supporting Labor which hardly rates as a shock but it took another [...]

A Microsoft freebie really worth it

As much as folk bitch about Microsoft (And I’d be just as guilty as anyone else on that point) occasionally they really come up with the goods. In this case it’s a free program that escaped my attention until I went looking for an easier way to handle blog entries and particularly entries across multiple [...]