Big Girl’s Blouse led to the excellent Kath and Kim series which hangs it on all socio economic groups in Oz. This clip features Magda Szubanski, Jane Turner and Gina Riley.

This comic is going back a bit. Paul Livingston in his Flacco persona. He can make me crack up just pulling faces. The reason I thought of him is last week when Josh Frydenberg got bitch slapped, the guy behind Jay looked a little like Paul.


The clip behind the image is from Good News Week though this still shot is from the excellent Big Gig which I sadly never made it to for a “live” recording. Apparently the chateau cardboard flowed freely before filming began, then it was game on bitches. Considering the show involved cameras zooming through the crowd of inebriated viewers to the next act, I’m surprised no one was killed.Image result for flacco comedian

The next cab off the rank is the highly skilled and hilarious Victor Borge. A wonderful pianist and comic with a beautiful sense of timing.

I don’t know if he ever played a piece in its entirety but I’m sure he would have nailed it. Passed away in 2000 at the ripe old age of 91.


Image result for victor borge

If you enjoy this clip, also check out this older clip with Dean Martin Phonetic Punctuation.


On March 13  2017, There was an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review entitled Wind and Solar can only win on a tilted playing field. Not surprisingly, penned by Brendan Pearson, the chief exec of the troubled Image result for minerals council australia LogoMinerals Council of Australia.

Knowing the track record of trickiness from the Minerals Council, I thought it would be interesting to see what a little background check might reveal. I must admit to some trepidation because, when politics is involved, you have to be careful about the sources you use, but as it turnedImage result for int energy agency Logo out, by using the same sources as Mr Pearson, International Energy Agency,  the picture is far more interesting.

As it turns out the figure quoted is just about right, but what Brendan failed to mention is that subsidies for the Fossil Fuel industry are 4 times the size of those for renewables. Ouch.

Let’s look at the Global  figures for 2014 so we get a fair comparison.

  • Fossil Fuels $550 billion a year and climbing
  • Renewables $120 billion and climbing too, but remember Renewables is gaining market share so it is to be expected.

Currently Renewables are meeting an impressive 30% of the Energy market Image result for repositjust with current technologies and new developments like Reposit are heading towards covering peak demand issues. It’s just a matter of time before the basket of technologies cover the market. Maybe before they finally get “Clean” coal off the ground.

To me, those figures look about even given the percentage of the Energy market both serve. That alone makes a strong case for Renewables because on current figures, the attempt to meet 2DS (limiting the temperature rise to 2 degrees scenario) is predicted to fail when we hit 3.6 degrees. A horrifying figure almost double the target. (World Energy Outlook figures). We simply can’t afford to generate any carbon without serious damage to the climate.

Not feeling nervous yet?

Here is the killer punch. The US EPA did an in depth study of the cost that fossil fuel pollution has on the health of Americans. Bear in mind that chaps like Brendan Pearson give a wide berth to any consideration of the health impacts of his product.

On US figures, the fossil fuel industry gets a free pass to the tune of 14 to 35 cents per kilowatt hour which is actually higher than the unit price in someImage result for us epa Logo areas. To put that in perspective that’s a full 6% of US GDP. Compare that to the official subsidy of about 0.7% of GDP and you start to see how serious that oversight is.

Interestingly, this is not an issue with Renewables with the possible exception of manufacturing plants depending on what chemicals may end up being used. It will certainly be many orders of magnitude less than the problems caused by fossil fuels where everyone cops a serve.

Even leaving aside the health impacts, the case for Renewables is a strong one and unfortunately for Mr Pearson, the Industry is well aware of the problems facing his product. He may be able to influence a few pollies with things like “clean” coal, but it’s a non-starter with Energy companies and Financiers. Unless the Taxpayer foots the massive bill, the sums just don’t add up. Even if a political party starts funding it via the taxpayers, at best it will only last until the next Election and then the Voters will deal with the incumbents.

Our Pollies get a 3 year term, the Industry needs about 20 years to turn a profit. Unless you can buy both sides of the political spectrum, you have 3 years to break even. No wonder only a few short sighted pollies are up for it.


Wind and Solar can only win on a tilted playing field. Brendan Pearson MCA

International Energy Agency Energy subsidies 

Reposit Australian energy company that manages your access to the grid

World Energy Outlook figures

the cost that fossil fuel pollution has on the health of Americans US EPA

With the shock death of Bill Leak this week, I was reminded that only last Wednesday evening, his book was launched by Sir Les with Bill in attendance.

Unfortunately the audio is not strong but you get the gist of one of Barry Humphries’ most offensive characters. Some folk hate this particular character but it was a serious piss take of Aussies who are “up themselves”, and as you will hear, he is capable of having a crack at just about everyone.

His observation about the troubled Channel 7 Exec Worner and his office affair is a classic.

Click the pic for the clip.

Image result for sir les patterson

Aussie politics has been pretty interesting of late, though I imagine some folk aren’t enjoying it as much as I am. That comes from not appreciating the subtlety of backroom deals and the forlorn hope that there will be a sudden outbreak of common sense where the good of the country coming first.

How long can you hold your breath?

As negative as that sounds, I believe things are on the improve but more about that later.

Overriding our own trials and tribulations is the spectre of the Donald Trump experiment which has entered high farce now that smart decisions are requiredImage result for donald disability instead of just “bitching about the Gov’mint”. It’s turned out that Donald is so gripped by Obamaphobia he can’t think straight and running the government was way more complex than he realised. (Who knew? Certainly not the self described King of Debt )

This throws a dark shadow across Aussie politics because when Donald gets his war with China, and he is going to need it for the Polls, our Economy goes straight down the toilet. With Donald’s America First, he won’t be interested in paying for the damage and sadly our current government is still so besotted with America that we will sign up for any lunacy that Trump imagines. It’s no shock that Hanson wants to be besties with Donald too, and in her case there appears to be no recognition of how damaging the Donald will be. At least the Libs have some trepidation.

But all is not lost.

One positive thing that Donald has achieved is exposing some Aussie pollies Image result for pauline hanson angrywho celebrate brain dead ideas. Populist rubbish that doesn’t stand up to clear thinking. Finding minorities and beating up on them for personal gain. It’s given these self centred individuals an ill founded confidence that is rapidly fading as the full impact of their stupidity takes effect.

Like her last time around, Pauline is hitting the Media at every opportunity and Pauline fatigue is building. This would not be a problem if she had any clear ideas about what she wants to achieve but she is a walking disaster area of contradictions. Just last weekend she proclaimed that Malcolm Turnbull was too bossy but Vladimir Putin was what Aussies want. Just think on that for a moment.

She also decided that playing the anti vax card would be good for a few votes, seemingly unaware that quite a lot of older folk in her camp know what an iron lung looks like and remember how vaccinations made a huge difference to those requiring its use.

Consider yourself a “battler” and believed Pauline would stick up for your pay and conditions?  Shame about that. Pauline votes Liberal 87% of the time which imageis not surprising when you realise she was too hard core for the Liberal party when it was a more centrist body of people. She is happy to take your vote but don’t expect support, or even respect. Apparently nearly half her support comes from notionally Labor voters. They must be starting to realise she might not be there for them.

Climate Change is another area where Pauline thought she could pull a few votes but that boat has sailed long ago. Apart from a few die hards, the countryImage result for malcolm turnbull has mostly accepted the Science and is requiring action. Even Malcolm is getting beaten up over the environment and he has a much more agreeable media presence.

It’s tempting to depict Pauline Hanson’s One Nation as similar to the ill fated Palmer United party, but it way less sophisticated than that. Clive lost control quickly because those in his Party wanted to make their own decisions but at least it was after the Election that the wheels fell off. With PHON, Pauline tells us everyone has to do as she tells them because they represent her. Somehow representing the Voters fell off the back of the truck long ago.

The upcoming WA State election is on this coming weekend and it is going to be Image result for clive palmer one to watch. It sounds like support for PHON is already falling after the bizarre Pro Putin rubbish but WA is often hard to pick. They claim they like stability but who knows if that will turn their vote away from Pauline on polling day.

Whatever the outcome, when it comes to the Eastern States, hitching your wagon to a nutter like Trump, or an anti-Democracy chap like Vladimir, is really going to test Voters loyalty. With Pauline not realising public appearances can be seriously damaging, I think we are looking at a repeat of Pauline’s last foray into Aussie politics where folk got sick of the thoughtlessness. It’s great fun to have a bitch, but when Voters are looking for clever decisions, Pauline’s name is unlikely to be foremost in anyone’s mind.



Donald’s fantasy world https://goo.gl/3ZhHAi

Pauline and penalty rates https://goo.gl/wXjCUv

Pauline and bestie Putin https://goo.gl/T5njUn

Pauline and bestie Donald https://goo.gl/4fFm6Q

Australia’s biggest trading partners https://goo.gl/xM8zhe

Palmer United Wikipedia https://goo.gl/nqBypo

I was hoping to find the clever Noeline Brown performing the shop keeper skit but it predates the Internets by many decades.

What I did find was the Son of the Naked Vicar show and track 7 is Shop!  (At the 13:13 mark) Noeline and Kev.

Also on the file.

Track 1 Mack one of the earliest anti homophobes clips.

Track 2 Cricket. Back in those days you could hang shit on Richie Benaud but eventually he became untouchable in these fragile and sensitive times. (I prefer the old style)

Image result for naked vicar comedy show

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