How much damage can this human wrecking ball do? A hell of a lot as it turns out.

Poor Donald. Having a weak grasp of history, both US and Global, is leaving Trump in a difficult position. He clearly doesn’t recognise the subtlety involved in diplomacy, and he has no idea how to get other countries to solve problems for himself and for America. Obama clearly recognised the US should not have to [...]


Death by a thousand cuts. Republican style.

US politics is looking pretty interesting at the moment. There’s a lot of conjecture about whether Donald Trump will survive his current difficulties but with so many players involved and so many options available there are plenty of variables involved and it's worth reflecting on what is going on at the moment. Some folk who [...]

Helping the Catholic Church out of trouble

The Catholic Church finds itself in a bit of a bind there days. They love having their exclusive gentlemen's club, with all the trappings and showmanship, fancy dresses, fine wines, and immunity from the Law, but suddenly folk have had enough of their treatment of children and society wants, demands actually, that they start behaving [...]

Choose your poison

This is why I recommend you should choose your religion wisely. There are so many variants out there, and such a range of values, that you should be able to find one that suits your personal ethics and looks after your kids as well. The idea that there is only one true religion and [...]

The Naughty Friday funny – Tim courts Pauline

The Queensland election is just around the corner, so I thought the NFf could have some fun with the story so far. With Tim’s history of “balancing the books”, and Pauline seeking to be an undisclosed Liberal and have input in how the State might be run through her candidates, it occurred to me that [...]

Malcolm feels the end game approaching

Cancelling a sitting week in Parliament is unusual to begin with, but I initially thought that Malcolm might have been building an escape route for failing to get SSM sorted out (which still has no real chance of being resolved this year even with the extra week in place). But on reflection, Malcolm doesn’t seem [...]