Play along – 8 more miles

Since discovering the Yinnar Jambusters which is a spin off from the Strezlecki Stringbusters who perform at the Yinnar Community Hotel, I’ve been having a crack at playing along to this tune. For me it has been quite challenging because I don’t normally use a plectrum, and it really belts along so trying to skill [...]


Naughty Friday funny–Trump 1

I’m thinking it’s time to return to the NFf and who better to kick it of than Donald Trump himself. Plenty of great humour has been written about Trump but The Donald is more into improv. It’s quite a skill. Here he is working without a script and rather than a well practiced routine, what [...]

Why “It’s Time” worked. Why Voter caution is required.

Way way back in ‘72, Gough Whitlam won government from a tired Coalition that had simply run out of puff. The Leadership was in chaos, they were pretty much out of ideas, they had no idea or desire of how to extract us from the looming defeat in Vietnam, party leaders were compromise candidates rather [...]

Naughty Friday funny–Sir Les Patterson

With the shock death of Bill Leak this week, I was reminded that only last Wednesday evening, his book was launched by Sir Les with Bill in attendance. Unfortunately the audio is not strong but you get the gist of one of Barry Humphries’ most offensive characters. Some folk hate this particular character but it [...]

The slo mo train wreck that is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Aussie politics has been pretty interesting of late, though I imagine some folk aren’t enjoying it as much as I am. That comes from not appreciating the subtlety of backroom deals and the forlorn hope that there will be a sudden outbreak of common sense where the good of the country coming first. How long [...]

The Gee tar from Heaven

One of the positive results from selling my motor bike has been the cash flow impact. The promise that I could “spend it on whatever you like”, was an exciting prospect and ultimately a comment that came back to haunt the issuer. I have enjoyed the guitar for many years right back to my first [...]

Tesla features–Summon

How's this for a feature? While consuming your New Age macro biotic breaky you can summon your Tesla for that fast get away to work. It parks itself too if you haven't filled your shed up with junk. Now does it arrive with a nice latte for that traveller to get you to work?