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Poor Donald is getting a lot of stick of late but perhaps we are measuring him against the wrong model?

Granted, he doesn’t stack up well, measured against a civilised human being, but we may be aiming too low.

Check out the similarities between Trump and the American God and you discover a much better fit.

Firstly, the American God is mostly male and white which is not far removed from Donald’s male and orange-ish white. And both have a full head of hair or some such facsimile.

Image result for trump is god

Next, most versions of the American God are not big on the female of the species. 2nd class is probably the best you can aim for. Compare that with Donald who believes the ladies are there for his own entertainment rather than as his equal and it’s suspiciously close to God’s level of respect.

How about the fan base?

Another close match. Trump fans seem pretty excited about the Bible or at least the first version now marketed as the Old Testament. Like Trump himself they are not much impressed by feeding the less fortunate or turning the other cheek, as featured in the rewrite (New Testament).

And what about the treatment of those fans? Both God and Trump feed off the less well off. Churches achieved their magnificence off the backs of the poor while Trump uses them as his power base but doesn’t repay the favor by deliberately trashing their health care. Both entities work in mysterious ways I guess.

Now we come to the mental state and here the match is closest of all. Both God and Trump are full of themselves and require everyone else to jump on the love machine. Not only that, if you don’t, both are very unforgiving. With Donald the retribution is a little less extreme with only the threat to trash your career, whereas God is way more vindictive offering fire and brimstone for Eternity. (I think Donald needs to ramp that part up a tad if he wants to reach full God mode).

Your Love is not just a “nice to have” thing either. Clearly Trump is melting down over having to pump up his own tires, and God goes out and visits tornadoes and such like on America if he thinks they “don’t hate fags” enough.

Ground crew get the same level of support from God and Donald too. With Trump it’s asking for investigations to be dropped, while with God it’s not handing over serial sex offenders to Police.

So what do you think? Is Donald not closer to being a God than a human?

Clearly his humanity level is low so perhaps he is a God. He certainly thinks he is.

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Yesterday we were treated to the painful video of Trump and Turnbull spruiking man love to the gathered reporters complete with “Alternative facts” which was dutifully accepted by those in attendance. I think it’s a photo finish as to who grovelled more. MT or the Reporters. With just one question about resettlement Trump could have imploded.

Most disgusting of all was the opening comment where Malcolm congratulated Donald for stripping away Healthcare from about 24 million of America’s poorest. He was so excited his eyes were watering. Don’t be surprised if this floats around in the next Election campaign.

This is the very same chap who decried that Labor ran a scare campaign about his support for Medicare because apparently we should ignore history and believe it when he said he loved the program (while actually making cuts to Medicare at the very same election.)

No sign at all of any embarrassment.

imageOne observation I would make though, is that if Trump had really paid any attention to MT he could have learned something. Trump uses the Tony Abbott approach of crash through or crash and we all know how that ends. MT already knows how to move up to the next step and it’s really quite simple.

Donald doesn’t even have to turn away from any of his policies. He can keep them as is. Just change what you announce but then do the opposite. If folk are worried about the Environment, tell them you are too, then claim you are making it better. When they start to get worried announce the very same thing but present it as new. Simply rinse and repeat.

If your mates want to prop up coal mining you do the same. Say you are making big changes, make an excellent speech. Then keep it handy for the next time someone realises nothing has happened. It works a treat.

Malcolm has companies in tax havens and makes great speeches about tax avoidance, then does nothing until the speech is required again. Same goes for Energy security, housing affordability, Superannuation, Climate Change, debt levels, all these he presents as something he cares about, but then nothing happens. Folk actually think he is different to Tony even though he has exactly the same policies. It’s amazing what learning to smile can let you get away with.

So the takeaway for Trump could have been better for him as far as popularity goes. MT has it sown up, and let’s face it folk, Trump has such a fragile ego that any help in that department would be gratefully received.

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Aussie politics has been pretty interesting of late, though I imagine some folk aren’t enjoying it as much as I am. That comes from not appreciating the subtlety of backroom deals and the forlorn hope that there will be a sudden outbreak of common sense where the good of the country coming first.

How long can you hold your breath?

As negative as that sounds, I believe things are on the improve but more about that later.

Overriding our own trials and tribulations is the spectre of the Donald Trump experiment which has entered high farce now that smart decisions are requiredImage result for donald disability instead of just “bitching about the Gov’mint”. It’s turned out that Donald is so gripped by Obamaphobia he can’t think straight and running the government was way more complex than he realised. (Who knew? Certainly not the self described King of Debt )

This throws a dark shadow across Aussie politics because when Donald gets his war with China, and he is going to need it for the Polls, our Economy goes straight down the toilet. With Donald’s America First, he won’t be interested in paying for the damage and sadly our current government is still so besotted with America that we will sign up for any lunacy that Trump imagines. It’s no shock that Hanson wants to be besties with Donald too, and in her case there appears to be no recognition of how damaging the Donald will be. At least the Libs have some trepidation.

But all is not lost.

One positive thing that Donald has achieved is exposing some Aussie pollies Image result for pauline hanson angrywho celebrate brain dead ideas. Populist rubbish that doesn’t stand up to clear thinking. Finding minorities and beating up on them for personal gain. It’s given these self centred individuals an ill founded confidence that is rapidly fading as the full impact of their stupidity takes effect.

Like her last time around, Pauline is hitting the Media at every opportunity and Pauline fatigue is building. This would not be a problem if she had any clear ideas about what she wants to achieve but she is a walking disaster area of contradictions. Just last weekend she proclaimed that Malcolm Turnbull was too bossy but Vladimir Putin was what Aussies want. Just think on that for a moment.

She also decided that playing the anti vax card would be good for a few votes, seemingly unaware that quite a lot of older folk in her camp know what an iron lung looks like and remember how vaccinations made a huge difference to those requiring its use.

Consider yourself a “battler” and believed Pauline would stick up for your pay and conditions?  Shame about that. Pauline votes Liberal 87% of the time which imageis not surprising when you realise she was too hard core for the Liberal party when it was a more centrist body of people. She is happy to take your vote but don’t expect support, or even respect. Apparently nearly half her support comes from notionally Labor voters. They must be starting to realise she might not be there for them.

Climate Change is another area where Pauline thought she could pull a few votes but that boat has sailed long ago. Apart from a few die hards, the countryImage result for malcolm turnbull has mostly accepted the Science and is requiring action. Even Malcolm is getting beaten up over the environment and he has a much more agreeable media presence.

It’s tempting to depict Pauline Hanson’s One Nation as similar to the ill fated Palmer United party, but it way less sophisticated than that. Clive lost control quickly because those in his Party wanted to make their own decisions but at least it was after the Election that the wheels fell off. With PHON, Pauline tells us everyone has to do as she tells them because they represent her. Somehow representing the Voters fell off the back of the truck long ago.

The upcoming WA State election is on this coming weekend and it is going to be Image result for clive palmer one to watch. It sounds like support for PHON is already falling after the bizarre Pro Putin rubbish but WA is often hard to pick. They claim they like stability but who knows if that will turn their vote away from Pauline on polling day.

Whatever the outcome, when it comes to the Eastern States, hitching your wagon to a nutter like Trump, or an anti-Democracy chap like Vladimir, is really going to test Voters loyalty. With Pauline not realising public appearances can be seriously damaging, I think we are looking at a repeat of Pauline’s last foray into Aussie politics where folk got sick of the thoughtlessness. It’s great fun to have a bitch, but when Voters are looking for clever decisions, Pauline’s name is unlikely to be foremost in anyone’s mind.



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Our embattled PM seems to be bouncing around like a silver pin ball in a 70’s style arcade machine. Granted a lot of his trouble is coming from the hard right faction within his own party but it’s far worse than that.

I will give him credit for sticking it out presumably in the hope that a miracle will occur, that but doing nothing it may help calm down Cory and Co but it’s killing any impression that he is actually leading his party.

Case in point, his embarrassment with Donald Trump which he can’t blame on his party. That was all his own doing.

Any one with a couple of brain cells could predict dealing with the current US President is extremely tricky. The chap is clearly suffering some sort of mental issue or has a personality not suited to his current job, but one thing is for sure, expecting to be able to pretend you had a fruitful phone conversation, when in fact you got humiliated, is not going to make it past the first drunken twitter outburst.

I don’t blame MT for Trump’s insanity, but I do for faking it.

Malcolm’s first stint leading the Libs came to an abrupt halt when he defied sensible tactics over Ute-gate and ran the campaign himself only to discover Goodwin faked the emails. If he had followed good safety practices he would have handed the ball to someone like Chris Pyne or Barnaby and then just thrown them under the bus and kept his job.

However he didn’t see it coming and suffered a self inflicted wound that gave the unlikely Abbott a shot at the leadership.

That vision problem hits him time and time again. Get an idea to deal with Climate Change? Out he comes all excited then gets humiliated by his Party. A good idea comes up about the lowest cost for reliable power? Here he comes again and there he goes again.

With today’s departure of Bernadi it looks like more trouble ahead. The Liberal party has been quick to hide behind Cory to explain their lack of action on Climate Change, but there is no way MT is going to show leadership here and come up with sensible ideas now Cory has shot through. Wonderful words and imagea winning smile are all he has to offer.

Tonight I suggest they get their heads together to find a new bad guy to blame for doing nothing, otherwise folk will begin to realise MT isn’t really interested in the Environment.

With each day bringing new challenges, I think it’s time to give Malcolm some sage advice.

Eventually there will be another phone conversation with Trump so the least I can do is point out what should have been obvious from the very beginning. Forget any educated conversation and realise Donald’s all about Donald, and a fragile ego it is too.

Don’t talk about a tough Election this time around, don’t go anywhere near the numbers from when he was sworn in. Just pump up his tires about his businesses, or tell him about the Cayman Islands for avoiding tax. You know, something you both can relate to.

Oh. And don’t forget the I Love Donald badges and a fake Trump coiffure. Pauline or Cory can help with the badges.


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Neil Rowe works for the Australian Financial Review and his distinct style is water colours. Not only do they look fabulous, he also has a keen eye for seeing the ridiculous.

My American friends will have no trouble picking out Donald, Putin, the statue of Liberty sans her virginity, and a pig fresh from the trough which I would assume can be any Republican Senator (your choice), but I had better explain the Aussie bit.

In the top hat is Malcolm Turnbull, the prime Minister, who was recently abused by Donald. I’ll give Donald credit for one thing, he knows a lap dog when he sees one. Malcolm is a wealthy man who claims to represent the working class but comes from a privileged background and boy does it show. Tackling off shore tax avoidance has been beyond him and to his cost, having companies in the Cayman Islands is not helping the image. He cuts a tragic figure in Aussie Politics because he is continually having decisions reversed by the right wing faction of his Party. They bully MT too probably even more so than Donald.

The big mouth throwing peanuts at MT is Tony Abbott, the previous PM who is a poor loser who can’t be silenced. For some time Tony aspired to getting his old job back, but now that he sees he can’t he travels the world spruiking the sort of nonsense that Donald aspires to. In Tony’s view if he can’t have the job then he will trash his Party on the way out.

The chap sitting back comfortably with his feet on the seat is Bill Shorten the chap who leads the Opposition. I’m guessing it’s deliberate that he can see the stage while MT cannot. It also suggests that Bill can relax and watch the Liberal Tragedy unfold while he sits back and enjoys the show.

If you like the look of the cartoons, Google David Rowe cartoonist. He often has International characters in his efforts. But I should warn you, if you are a Trump fan (and if you are why are you visiting my blog) I’d probably give him a miss.

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As a pen for hire for the cranky old Yank, poor Andrew has a job of growing complexity and possibly a moral dilemma when it comes to telling the truth.Image result for andrew bolt (Assuming he has morals).

Up till now Fake News was not often focused on, but now the cat is well and truly out of the bag and Bolt is left sitting in the spotlight trying to maintain the line under the old rules while society is moving beyond the point of uncritical news consumption.

The job was hard enough as it was when he went in to bat for Cardinal Pell who showed by his own evidence that he deliberately ignored his responsibility towards our kids by protecting serial sex offenders behind the skirts of mother church. That seemed to break through Image result for rupert murdochhis tough façade momentarily but after a call from Rupert, he was quickly back on message, albeit with severe damage to what little cred he still maintained.

But if he thought that was tough, he didn’t imagine the worst-case scenario of Donald Trump becoming POTUS. Suddenly he is faced with a flood of ill-conceived thought bubbles signed into Law without the usual thinking through of the consequences, and his job is to try and spin them.

He might also have to consider how search engines work on the Net. I was chasing details on Fake News and up popped an item from him claiming heImage result for cardinal george pell found a Fake News story. If that isn’t click bait then it will have to do until we get some.

Seems Andrew is trying to play the Trump line of screaming Fake News first, or he doesn’t quite understand the term yet, but either way, he should probably stop giving ammunition to his opponents.

Bolt had two issues for his claim based on the US ban to entry for some nations and the best that can be said about his upset is nit picking the words than any attempt to mislead the Public.

Point 1. The word Muslim did not appear in the document signed by Trump.
Point 2. It’s not a ban. It’s a suspension.

Let’s look at these 2 items in detail.

Point 1. All through the Republican selection process and during his battle with Hillary Clinton, Trump was at pains to play the anti-Muslim card. It was one of his most powerful planks. Even since his victory he has consistently promised to issue a ban. Despite the word Muslim not appearing in the document, the countries affected are majority Muslim religion communities. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out the intent of his document. If this is how gullible Bolt is, I’m surprised he gets paid for his commentary.

Point 2. If you originally come from one of the Muslim countries and just happen to be visiting family on your holidays from your normal place of employment, you are flat out of luck getting back to work. If you have won a job in a high-tech company but haven’t started work yet, you too are stranded by this ill-thought out rule. As for it being temporary, who knows what bizarre thing might pop into Donald’s brain before the time expires? My best guess is it will be extended because the chaos has melted down their system and I can’t see them getting it under control for months yet. This could be relieved by Trump recognising it was a poorly executed idea, but as we see daily, he doesn’t take criticism lightly and he is more likely to drum up the Trump Rent a crowd than admit to an error of judgement.

Going by the flood of Trump decisions and the unexpected consequences, Andrew is going to have his work cut out trying to spin the Fake News especially now folk are being taught how to recognise it.

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Way back when Donald Trump was trying to secure the Republican Nomination for the US Presidential election, he differentiated himself from his fellow candidates by promising not to cut benefits for the less well off Americans who are his power base.

This infuriated his party hierarchy but was exactly what these folk wanted toimage hear. Someone who was going to respect their position and clean out those in the Party who simply ignored them. As we saw at the time, this was a direct challenge to the entrenched senior party members and they worked their backsides off trying to knock Trump out of the race.

The more they tried however, the more support Donald was able to gather, and the momentum was so strong it carried him through to victory even in the Election itself.

The party was horrified. A new broom was coming to town.

But then the doublespeak kicked in and now if you look through Trump’s latest offerings, he has held basically all positions on the matter from leaving Affordable Healthcare intact, to building a replacement before changing the rules, to killing it off immediately.

This leads us to the event on Jan 4 where the US Senate has voted to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. That’s step one, but eventually it has to come before President Trump and this is where the rubber hits the road.

Does Trump stand by his support base and discipline the High Republicans? Or does he roll over and become just another US pollie who pleases himself rather than defend his power base?

Image result for  trump ryanDuring the early days he would have gone into Washington, kicking arse and taking names, but looking at the latest comments, and especially looking at the fat cats he has chosen to head up his administration, it looks increasingly likely those least able to afford giving more money to the Government, are the ones who will be picking up the bills.

Was the Senate move designed to put Trump in his place or is he already got his snout firmly embedded in the trough of Public Money? I’m guessing senior Republicans are not seeking new employment opportunities just yet.

Donald Trump has an early opportunity to stamp his authority on his administration. Is he up for it?



No cuts to Social security http://www.tubechop.com/watch/8762021

Senate votes to repeal Obamacare https://goo.gl/tkRUrK

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