Liberal Energy – The “too hard” party

How poor is the understanding of our Energy market by the Coalition government? Check these data. When Tony Abbott became PM he slashed the Renewable Energy Target from 41,000 gigawatt hours to 33,000 claiming the target could not be met. Not only was that revised target met, the original is going to be exceeded too. [...]


Malcolm feels the end game approaching

Cancelling a sitting week in Parliament is unusual to begin with, but I initially thought that Malcolm might have been building an escape route for failing to get SSM sorted out (which still has no real chance of being resolved this year even with the extra week in place). But on reflection, Malcolm doesn’t seem [...]

Trump misses an opportunity

Yesterday we were treated to the painful video of Trump and Turnbull spruiking man love to the gathered reporters complete with “Alternative facts” which was dutifully accepted by those in attendance. I think it’s a photo finish as to who grovelled more. MT or the Reporters. With just one question about resettlement Trump could have [...]

Malcolm. You have to learn to duck

Our embattled PM seems to be bouncing around like a silver pin ball in a 70’s style arcade machine. Granted a lot of his trouble is coming from the hard right faction within his own party but it’s far worse than that. I will give him credit for sticking it out presumably in the hope [...]

Aussie cartoonist nails it

  Neil Rowe works for the Australian Financial Review and his distinct style is water colours. Not only do they look fabulous, he also has a keen eye for seeing the ridiculous. My American friends will have no trouble picking out Donald, Putin, the statue of Liberty sans her virginity, and a pig fresh from [...]

Good news for Democracy

After one of the longest and most exciting election campaigns, we finally have a result and a rare and beautiful result it is too, subject to the Liberal party recognising their rightful position in Australian Democracy. Despite nearly all the Mainstream Media outlets ignoring the polling and trying to project a foregone conclusion, sadly including [...]

Did Malcolm get it right?

When Malcolm called a Double D to try and reduce his accountability in the Aussie Senate, most of the commentators, myself included, thought this was a high risk strategy, and I still hold firmly to that belief. The reasoning being He had to burn his bridges with the Independent Senators to try and remove them. [...]