Trump misses an opportunity

Yesterday we were treated to the painful video of Trump and Turnbull spruiking man love to the gathered reporters complete with “Alternative facts” which was dutifully accepted by those in attendance. I think it’s a photo finish as to who grovelled more. MT or the Reporters. With just one question about resettlement Trump could have [...]


Lets talk about Energy subsidies

On March 13  2017, There was an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review entitled Wind and Solar can only win on a tilted playing field. Not surprisingly, penned by Brendan Pearson, the chief exec of the troubled Minerals Council of Australia. Knowing the track record of trickiness from the Minerals Council, I thought it [...]

The slo mo train wreck that is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Aussie politics has been pretty interesting of late, though I imagine some folk aren’t enjoying it as much as I am. That comes from not appreciating the subtlety of backroom deals and the forlorn hope that there will be a sudden outbreak of common sense where the good of the country coming first. How long [...]

Malcolm. You have to learn to duck

Our embattled PM seems to be bouncing around like a silver pin ball in a 70’s style arcade machine. Granted a lot of his trouble is coming from the hard right faction within his own party but it’s far worse than that. I will give him credit for sticking it out presumably in the hope [...]

Australia shows America what you get with a Trump

In political history Australia generally follows America by about a decade, although that distance may have shortened up these days. And by watching the US we have avoided the more extreme outcomes like undue influence from religious elements or other extreme lobbyists. We start to head in the same direction but pull up short when [...]

Tesla features–Summon

How's this for a feature? While consuming your New Age macro biotic breaky you can summon your Tesla for that fast get away to work. It parks itself too if you haven't filled your shed up with junk. Now does it arrive with a nice latte for that traveller to get you to work?

Tesla features–Autopark

Having just seen the new Tesla vehicle and being especially impressed by the features, I reckon it's time to post a few short videos so folk can appreciate where car technology is currently standing.   This first clip is about the Auto park feature. It's not just parallel parking by the way. Disclaimer: [...]