Naughty Friday funny – Max Gillies

The Gillies Report was biting Aussie satire delivered by Max and the team. Max did the makeup and excellent impersonations which must have taken a lot of effort. This clip starts with the recently departed John Clarke and a lot of Aussie comics pop up as pretend audience members. Towards the end we see Max [...]


Naughty Friday funny–Monty Python’s argument

Time for some early Monty Python and what could be better than the Argument sketch. Okay. Okay. There is plenty of great stuff from the team but this is right up there with the best of it. What really impresses me is the underlying educational value in the material. “Mr Bakeys free but he’s a [...]

Naughty Friday funny–Norman Gunston who eventually won a Gold Logie

Today’s NFf has to be Norman Gunston after I heard the KISS tune that this first clip is based on. An amazing 37 years since this went to air on Countdown. The 2nd clip is from his interview with Sally Struthers which absolutely had to be included. My favourite from a very impressive collection. The [...]

The Naughty Friday funny–Spitting Image

Way back in the alleged good ol' days of Ronald Reagan (Ronnie Raygun), the Brits had a satirical program called Spitting Image where puppetry was used to treat pollies with the disdain they so richly deserved. It certainly didn't pull any punches as you can see in this clip. Everyone was fair game, especially the [...]