With friends like this.–Jay Goldberg

OMG. Sometimes having your lawyer add his own 2 bobs worth is not especially helpful. By the time Jay Goldberg has finished his Trump-like musings, he has basically said the Michael Cohen would not enjoy having an interracial "friends with benefits" relationship in his prison love nest. Presumably, he is suggesting a white relationship is [...]


Naughty Friday funny–Trump 1

I’m thinking it’s time to return to the NFf and who better to kick it of than Donald Trump himself. Plenty of great humour has been written about Trump but The Donald is more into improv. It’s quite a skill. Here he is working without a script and rather than a well practiced routine, what [...]

The Naughty Friday funny – Tim courts Pauline

The Queensland election is just around the corner, so I thought the NFf could have some fun with the story so far. With Tim’s history of “balancing the books”, and Pauline seeking to be an undisclosed Liberal and have input in how the State might be run through her candidates, it occurred to me that [...]