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This week, the brilliant Billy Connelly. If you are ever looking for bang for your entertainment dollar, go to one of his performances.

You get comedy, music, comedy, more music, and then when your face hurts from all the laughing, you get another round of comedy where you just have to smile and nod your appreciation.

About the only man I know who can say fuck in front of your Nana and get away with it.

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Reckon it’s about time to recognise Kath and Kim on the NFf.

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The deterrent that cannot be used. I’ve always loved Nigel Hawthorne’s portrayal of the Head of a Government Department. He has far and away the very best lines in the program. “Trident is the nuclear missile Harrod’s would sell.”

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Time to celebrate Melissa McCarthy and her fabulous tear down of Sean Spicer.


She is actually more informative than Spicer and the fact that it irritates Trump so much that he can’t help promote SNL just adds icing to the cake. It will be sad to see Spicer go but I can’t imagine how he can survive now that he is a laughing stock and the most visible proponent of Fake News.


These days Fake News is owned by Sean Spicer.

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I was devastated to hear of the death of John Clarke recently and haven’t posted a NFf since the event, but it’s time to honour the man who has kept a discerning eye on our pollies and Business leaders over the years.

There have been many tributes paid to this great man but none have mentioned a little program he did on the ABC as a solo performance where he pretended to be running a Helpdesk and giving advice on the phone.

YouTube didn’t find any episodes of the program, but I was hoping to grab one where he served it up to Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski. He often targeted Ziggy for being able to sell Telstra several times over and yet still hit the tax payers for another feed every time the rules changed.

Never mind. This collection produced on the day of his death covers some legendary skits.

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Big Girl’s Blouse led to the excellent Kath and Kim series which hangs it on all socio economic groups in Oz. This clip features Magda Szubanski, Jane Turner and Gina Riley.

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This comic is going back a bit. Paul Livingston in his Flacco persona. He can make me crack up just pulling faces. The reason I thought of him is last week when Josh Frydenberg got bitch slapped, the guy behind Jay looked a little like Paul.


The clip behind the image is from Good News Week though this still shot is from the excellent Big Gig which I sadly never made it to for a “live” recording. Apparently the chateau cardboard flowed freely before filming began, then it was game on bitches. Considering the show involved cameras zooming through the crowd of inebriated viewers to the next act, I’m surprised no one was killed.Image result for flacco comedian

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