Santa Claus Detained By Australian Border Force

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Merely days before Christmas, a Mr S Claus allegedly from the North Pole has been detained by Australian Border Force whilst trying to enter the country.

It’s believed the patron of Christmas was identified by Customs Agents during immigration, his big beard and unseasonable attire drawing attention and concern.

Upon being confronted by officials, agents were unable to determine his proper identity due to discrepancies in his story and multiple passports in different names.

“We’ve had to detain a gentleman trying to access Australia due to an inability to ascertain his identity”, stated a public official, “whilst at this stage we don’t suspect the man to be a terror threat, we intend on taking every precaution”.

It’s believed that Santa was visiting Australia to perform interviews with several Australian politicians to confirm their naughty/nice status for the upcoming holiday.

Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, fronted media on the matter in…

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Who does Scott Morrison serve?

Interfering in religious unrest (by recognising West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital) and to the disadvantage of Australia's trade agreements with Indonesia, only makes sense when you remember who Scott serves. He openly identifies with Prosperity theology which sits firmly within the Born Again off shoot of Christianity, mixing fast talking sales people with a healthy …

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Naughty Friday funny–Yes, Prime Minister: The need to know

As a chap who likes to play with words, I really appreciate Sir Humphrey’s ability to obscure difficult answers. I appreciate this has made Liz's life challenging on occasion but I just can’t help myself. Luckily for Oma, she gets to share the burden with our grandsons.A case in point.Lachie: “Who is my most distant …

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Why the lost Liberal vote went to Labor

Historically, the Liberal party has always regarded itself as the party with the strongest business focus, and prior to Hawke and Keating it was a fair call. The Labor party of old was more inclined to think about Nationalising particular industries but over time they realised that getting into the market as a player bought …

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Naughty Friday funny–Choosing a new Prime Minister

As we watch Scott Morrison and his blunder bus motor from one knee jerk idea to the next, terrorising Business and Voters alike, it occurs to me we should follow Sir Humphrey’s guide lines for good governance.When a PM can’t manage to detect the Public pulse on Energy, Climate Change, freedom from religion, knocking around …

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Strapped Into a Sinking Helicopter with U.S. Marines

outstanding clip

Check Your Premises

Destin of SmarterEveryDay graduated from Advanced Helo Underwater Egress Training at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, and went back for a refresher course in getting out of a sinking helicopter.

When airplanes crash on water, they tend to float on their wings and stay upright. Helicopters, on the other hand, are extremely top-heavy, so when they hit the water, they immediately flip over and sink like rocks. Training gets the crew over their profound disorientation and out safely.

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Government Concedes That Something Needs To Be Done About Banks

Finally the Coalition is getting motivated on Banks 😉

Julia Banks

The Morrison Government has finally conceded that strong action needs to be taken against the Banks. Following the member for Chisholm, Julia Banks’ defection from the Liberal party.

“We’ve cut Banks a lot of slack,” said former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. “We don’t usually let women into the Liberal party and we made an exception for Julia and look what has happened.”

“I don’t know why Julia Banks didn’t follow my example and sit on the backbench undermining, wrecking and sniping rather that walking away and wrecking.”

“This never would’ve happened if I was still Minister for Women.”

When asked whether the Government had a problem with women Mr Abbott replied: “Absolutely not. Look at the way I saw off Julia Gillard, I know how to handle women.”

Mark Williamson

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In Sydney Dec 7th then come along…

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