Play along – 8 more miles

This is a test C Eight more miles and I'll be home F Back in your grace where I belong C Tonight I'm sleeping in my own bed GWith my feather duster pillow underneath my headI feel the wheels on 65I don't know when I felt so aliveEight more milesEight more miles and I'll be [...]


Play along – 8 more miles

Since discovering the Yinnar Jambusters which is a spin off from the Strezlecki Stringbusters who perform at the Yinnar Community Hotel, I’ve been having a crack at playing along to this tune. For me it has been quite challenging because I don’t normally use a plectrum, and it really belts along so trying to skill [...]

With friends like this.–Jay Goldberg

OMG. Sometimes having your lawyer add his own 2 bobs worth is not especially helpful. By the time Jay Goldberg has finished his Trump-like musings, he has basically said the Michael Cohen would not enjoy having an interracial "friends with benefits" relationship in his prison love nest. Presumably, he is suggesting a white relationship is [...]

Liberal Energy – The “too hard” party

How poor is the understanding of our Energy market by the Coalition government? Check these data. When Tony Abbott became PM he slashed the Renewable Energy Target from 41,000 gigawatt hours to 33,000 claiming the target could not be met. Not only was that revised target met, the original is going to be exceeded too. [...]

Naughty Friday funny–Trump 1

I’m thinking it’s time to return to the NFf and who better to kick it of than Donald Trump himself. Plenty of great humour has been written about Trump but The Donald is more into improv. It’s quite a skill. Here he is working without a script and rather than a well practiced routine, what [...]

Why “It’s Time” worked. Why Voter caution is required.

Way way back in ‘72, Gough Whitlam won government from a tired Coalition that had simply run out of puff. The Leadership was in chaos, they were pretty much out of ideas, they had no idea or desire of how to extract us from the looming defeat in Vietnam, party leaders were compromise candidates rather [...]

Original Renewable Energy Target reached

Great news. The RET of 33,000 gigawatt hours that was due by 2020 was met right at the end of last year and the best of all, there is no sign of the Renewables push slackening, even though the LGC price is expected to fall dramatically from their current value around $86. The Abbott speed [...]