JBish will carry her act of bastardry to the grave. A cynical bit of lawyering on her part

The (un)Australian

Bishop phone

Australia’s Asbestos victims have joined the parade of people paying tribute to former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop by announcing that they plan to deliver a 21 wheeze salute in honour of the former Member for Curtain.

“It’s the absolute least we could do for Julie Bishop,” said Asbestosis victim Jimmie Hardie. “I mean she has done so much to us in her time as a Lawyer for CSR.”

“I used to love coming to court each week as she prolonged the case and see what sort of shoes she’d be wearing. Really brightened up my day.”

When asked what her plans were for the future the former Foreign Minister didn’t rule out a return to the law courts, saying: “One does say never say never and just in the last week alone I can see a lot of my former colleagues may be in need of a good lawyer. Now…

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