Interfering in religious unrest (by recognising West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital) and to the disadvantage of Australia’s trade agreements with Indonesia, only makes sense when you remember who Scott serves. He openly identifies with Prosperity theology which sits firmly within the Born AgainSee the source image off shoot of Christianity, mixing fast talking sales people with a healthy dose of “greed is good” and demotes Jesus and his “love thy neighbour” message back into the pack of lesser Prophets.

Just under half of BAs actively desire the destruction of Earth as part of the long awaited 2nd Coming and it’s starting to look likeSee the source image Morrison follows the brand of Christianity that wants to bring on Armageddon. They are expecting the Middle East to kick off the Rapture when it all blows up in a nuclear fireball.

I can understand Scott feeling like it’s “the end of days” in his Party room with See the source imagebattle fatigue setting in, because Tony lost the top job in 2015 and the unrest had started long before that point. Since then it’s been open hostility, another ex-PM, and polling telling him it’s game over. No wonder we are seeing these ill-considered knee jerk decisions. The poor bloke is exhausted.

But there is no need for him to bother his invisible friend and sow discord in the Middle East. He can achieve the same thing of destroying liveability on the planet by following his 2nd love. Coal.

Consider Coal’s advantages. It’s handy, there’s plenty of it, soft to the touch when you wash and vanish it before openly fondling it in Parliament, has an impressive record of damage to humans second only to God, and it can be seen by the human eye which overcomes God’s visibility problem.

Humans are quite capable of destroying the environment without having to callSee the source image on his favourite lesser God to start killing off humans again. The solution is right there in his hands.

No need to worry about Indonesia too. It’s made up of 17 and a half thousand islands so a few more tax payer funded coal powered generators should solve his “being a good neighbour” irritant.

So no need to be stirring God from his more important work of repairing the eyesight of Sam’s Mum. Scott can have a classic win win by taking responsibility on himself.


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