With friends like this.–Jay Goldberg

OMG. Sometimes having your lawyer add his own 2 bobs worth is not especially helpful. By the time Jay Goldberg has finished his Trump-like musings, he has basically said the Michael Cohen would not enjoy having an interracial "friends with benefits" relationship in his prison love nest. Presumably, he is suggesting a white relationship is more agreeable to Cohen?

I’m not going to take his word for it on this one. I’m pretty sure surprise sex in prison is generally a bad thing for the person getting the surprise, but kudos for being able to make a televised joke about prison rape and make it interracial as well. That’s sure to build your aSee the source imageudience.

Wondering who Jay Goldberg is? You can be forgiven if you don’t know considering the cast of crazies on Trump’s team is bigger than that of Game of Thrones.

Jay is one of Trump’s original lawyers and proof positive that you "get what you pay for" or to put it another way "pay peanuts. Get monkeys". Trump is known to scurry away before paying his lawyers so with the quality teams not interested in working for free, this is what you are left with.

Funnily enough, Jay wasn’t finished for the day. On reflection, he realised he had basically insinuated Trump has something to hide, so he thought he might fix it himself later in the interview.

Hmm. Anyone else nervous for him yet?

You should be.

Later in the interview, he sought to clarify his statements by claiming Michael would try to protect himself by falsely sheeting the blame home to Donald. Ouch. The very man that Trump needs to take one for the team just got dissed by Trump’s divorce lawyer. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Look. Improv is fine, but when you are associated with Trump you should limit that to open mike night in your local club. I’m pretty Mr Goldberg will have them ROTFPTL, especially with such an awesome dead pan delivery, but for goodness sake, don’t try it on national TV channels. They think you are being serious.

I hope we see Donald tweet “Jay, please stop helping. I’m still not paying.”


Real clear Politics – https://goo.gl/eWdvYR

The CUT.com – Who is Jay Goldberg

Politicus USA – Deadbeat Trump can’t get a lawyer


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