Friendship or Ownership – Putin vs Trump

A great deal of effort is coming out of the White House suggesting taking no action against Putin is some sort of "good mates cutting through Red Tape" situation but when you look closer that’s simply not the case.

The last 3 attempts to secretly entertain the Russians have fallen flat within hours of the meetings and sometimes even before they get started and the key point is how that deception fails. It’s no Image result for hammer and sickle kgbaccident.

Normally discovering these events comes down to good research on the part of US Journalists and that takes time and effort, but the current exposure is much faster and coming from Trump’s presumed best mate allowing press releases in Russian language newspapers.

It’s a very polished tactic that would seem to suggest the Vlad paid very good attention at KGB school. Just distant enough that it doesn’t look like a Press release direct from Putin’s office, but direct enough to make the following day’s news.

The autocratic style of Putin means that any security breach via newspapers would only be happening once before dramatic action was taken, so any suggestion that Vlad is not involved is wildly optimistic. Deaths of reporters is not unknown in Russia under Vlad’s rule.

Why would Vlad be interested in putting Trump under the hammer?

Whenever he has tried to expand his borders like moving into the Ukraine, there has been fierce opposition from the US and her Allies but under careful micromanagement from Putin, he has managed to get a hell of a lot infighting going both in NATO and the US.

Image result for trump owns putin  ball and chainBy getting involved in Syria he had NATO running around in circles and straining their relationships but it got even better when he managed to compromise a Presidential candidate. It sounds like he was able to play Trump by standard KGB honey pot tactics, then use the Net to compromise the selection process and finally the Election.

Knowing Trump’s fantastic ego problems, he knew Donald wouldn’t pull out once he got a sniff of being President, and this gave him the opportunity to rip into the US security services. An opportunity he has taken to the highest possible levels with Trump seeking to use a Communist style purge to hide his coercion trail.

We now wait with interest, the outcome of Trump’s war on the FBI. In a normal situation this would have died very early on in the gestation period, but high-level Republicans first rolled over for Trump, and are now doubling down on that weakness. So much so, that they will be destroyed if Trump falls. Their distain for the rule of law obvious for anyone who cares to look.

It’s unclear how this will all end because I doubt anyone ever thought to game out a situation where a compromised President is able to bypass the safety net of a watchful Senate. In fact, it’s so bizarre that we haven’t even seen a movie made where the Kremlin is able to gain so much leverage over the White House.

The way its going, when that movie is made it will be an historical record rather than an exciting fantasy, and all thoughts of a buddy buddy relationship between Trump and Putin will look like a crazy fantasy.


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