Is Donald Trump a God?

Poor Donald is getting a lot of stick of late but perhaps we are measuring him against the wrong model?

Granted, he doesn’t stack up well, measured against a civilised human being, but we may be aiming too low.

Check out the similarities between Trump and the American God and you discover a much better fit.

Firstly, the American God is mostly male and white which is not far removed from Donald’s male and orange-ish white. And both have a full head of hair or some such facsimile.

Image result for trump is god

Next, most versions of the American God are not big on the female of the species. 2nd class is probably the best you can aim for. Compare that with Donald who believes the ladies are there for his own entertainment rather than as his equal and it’s suspiciously close to God’s level of respect.

How about the fan base?

Another close match. Trump fans seem pretty excited about the Bible or at least the first version now marketed as the Old Testament. Like Trump himself they are not much impressed by feeding the less fortunate or turning the other cheek, as featured in the rewrite (New Testament).

And what about the treatment of those fans? Both God and Trump feed off the less well off. Churches achieved their magnificence off the backs of the poor while Trump uses them as his power base but doesn’t repay the favor by deliberately trashing their health care. Both entities work in mysterious ways I guess.

Now we come to the mental state and here the match is closest of all. Both God and Trump are full of themselves and require everyone else to jump on the love machine. Not only that, if you don’t, both are very unforgiving. With Donald the retribution is a little less extreme with only the threat to trash your career, whereas God is way more vindictive offering fire and brimstone for Eternity. (I think Donald needs to ramp that part up a tad if he wants to reach full God mode).

Your Love is not just a “nice to have” thing either. Clearly Trump is melting down over having to pump up his own tires, and God goes out and visits tornadoes and such like on America if he thinks they “don’t hate fags” enough.

Ground crew get the same level of support from God and Donald too. With Trump it’s asking for investigations to be dropped, while with God it’s not handing over serial sex offenders to Police.

So what do you think? Is Donald not closer to being a God than a human?

Clearly his humanity level is low so perhaps he is a God. He certainly thinks he is.


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