Naughty Friday funny–Sir Les Patterson

With the shock death of Bill Leak this week, I was reminded that only last Wednesday evening, his book was launched by Sir Les with Bill in attendance.

Unfortunately the audio is not strong but you get the gist of one of Barry Humphries’ most offensive characters. Some folk hate this particular character but it was a serious piss take of Aussies who are “up themselves”, and as you will hear, he is capable of having a crack at just about everyone.

His observation about the troubled Channel 7 Exec Worner and his office affair is a classic.

Click the pic for the clip.

Image result for sir les patterson


2 thoughts on “Naughty Friday funny–Sir Les Patterson

  1. But are not all of the dreadfully sane self-righteous talking heads that attended this event, that is those associated with the Quadrant/IPA/ Murdoch “news” nexus, the very epitome of people who are totally “up themselves”, even while all of the time pretending otherwise. Nattering Ned Kelly being an in your face example – see his essay on Bill Leak in todays Oz “news”-paper

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