Donald vs the Republican party

Way back when Donald Trump was trying to secure the Republican Nomination for the US Presidential election, he differentiated himself from his fellow candidates by promising not to cut benefits for the less well off Americans who are his power base.

This infuriated his party hierarchy but was exactly what these folk wanted toimage hear. Someone who was going to respect their position and clean out those in the Party who simply ignored them. As we saw at the time, this was a direct challenge to the entrenched senior party members and they worked their backsides off trying to knock Trump out of the race.

The more they tried however, the more support Donald was able to gather, and the momentum was so strong it carried him through to victory even in the Election itself.

The party was horrified. A new broom was coming to town.

But then the doublespeak kicked in and now if you look through Trump’s latest offerings, he has held basically all positions on the matter from leaving Affordable Healthcare intact, to building a replacement before changing the rules, to killing it off immediately.

This leads us to the event on Jan 4 where the US Senate has voted to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. That’s step one, but eventually it has to come before President Trump and this is where the rubber hits the road.

Does Trump stand by his support base and discipline the High Republicans? Or does he roll over and become just another US pollie who pleases himself rather than defend his power base?

Image result for  trump ryanDuring the early days he would have gone into Washington, kicking arse and taking names, but looking at the latest comments, and especially looking at the fat cats he has chosen to head up his administration, it looks increasingly likely those least able to afford giving more money to the Government, are the ones who will be picking up the bills.

Was the Senate move designed to put Trump in his place or is he already got his snout firmly embedded in the trough of Public Money? I’m guessing senior Republicans are not seeking new employment opportunities just yet.

Donald Trump has an early opportunity to stamp his authority on his administration. Is he up for it?



No cuts to Social security

Senate votes to repeal Obamacare


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