The Gee tar from Heaven

One of the positive results from selling my motor bike has been the cash flow impact. The promise that I could “spend it on whatever you like”, was an exciting prospect and ultimately a comment that came back to haunt the issuer.

I have enjoyed the guitar for many years right back to my first 2nd hander and a copy of The Beatles Complete, but as any guitar player knows, there is alwaysBeatles complete another a little higher up the price range that offers more options, or a different tone, or a more comfortable playing position, or all of the above.

Different types too so when I suggested a new guitar would be nice, a caveat was suggested that perhaps selling off some of the existing instruments might be a good idea.

Considering the new unit was going to be a significant jump in quality, it was a good idea to sell a couple so others can get their start in music and I would have a bit more room. With Xmas just around the corner the timing was right too. As it turns out both the acoustic and the starter electric guitar kit went to young girls as Xmas presents so that has a feel good factor too.

What did I end up buying and am I happy with it?

Behold the Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe.

The Blueshawk Deluxe features a cutaway with the semi-hollow body design Mitchhartand small f-holes of an Epiphone archtop. A beautiful looking guitar even before you hear the sound. It features new P-90 PRO™ Single Coil pickups plus a 6-position Rotary VariTone™.

It’s a slim body unit that has to be the most comfortable I have ever played. The tone is beautiful and I haven’t even experimented with the controls since I got it. Much more fun to be had as the confidence rises.

Full tech specs here.

Also part of the deal was upgrading the little 10 watt amp to something with a bit more grunt and this is equally as important as the guitar itself. To this end Icrush-35rt-orange-hd-93304_2 went to Allans Music in Bourke street because you need to pick the brains of the staff to get your desired outcome. I was looking for something around 40 watts and settled on an Orange Crush 35RT.

Twin channel, high gain preamp coupled to a 35 Watt output stage and 10″  speaker. In addition to onboard reverb  and an integrated chromatic tuner, the Crush 35RT also features Aux In for backing tracks and our CabSim-loaded headphone output.

I can’t speak too highly of this amp. It is so attentive that it really picks up if you are a bit lazy with your fretting so I am going to have to lift my game to get the most out of it. One other thing it does that really impresses me is it can produce silence. That is something that the little amp simply could not do. There was always an audio footprint that let you know if you had left the amp on.

Amp specs here.

What do these bad boys sound like?

Here is Stacy Mitchhart putting the guitar through its paces. I especially like the tune Summertime at about the 2.30 minute mark.



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