Helping build Scott Morrison’s confidence

My heart went out to Scott Morrison today when I discovered he is being as badly vilified as transgender kids and same sex couples.

Its appalling.

Surely our Treasurer should be afforded a security detail so he doesn’t have to worry about his personal safety?

As I wrestled with problem, the thought occurred to me that perhaps if he was to do a better job he could lessen the danger even further.

Here are a couple of dot points that could really work to his favor.

  • Reduce the dreaded Black Hole that you used to panic about. I agree it is serious, and making it much bigger should be avoided.
  • Share the “Budget Repair” load across Australia instead of low income families.
  • Don’t rub the Voters noses in it by giving the Wealthy a tax cut. If you think we have a problem, treat it seriously. Don’t make the Black Hole even bigger when we have to pay for the hand out.
  • And on that point, stop pretending trickle down works. It’s a silly concept that has long since gone the same way as the Domino Theory.
  • make even a token attempt to end the rorting of Negative Gearing. It doesn’t have to be much beyond pretending and you can break it straight after the Election anyway. It’s expected.
  • make even a token attempt to investigate the big Banks.
  • stop assuming we are dumb enough to fall for Labor’s War on Everything. It’s embarrassing for you and for us.
  • Stop running around sounding like Chicken Little. The shrill cries sound like you are out of control. Perhaps even desperate.

Of course this is not going to have Aussie Voters swooning at Sco Mo’s feet. The Treasurer’s job is rarely a popular one, but following these steps, and getting a Security Detail in place, should go some way to relieving his fears.


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