Is Michaelia Cash channeling Sophie Mirabella?

The last General Election in Australia returned a Liberal Coalition government but despite the gaining of many seats, but there was one glaring fly in the ointment with Sophie Mirabella managing to actually lose her own seat. The only Liberal to do so.

It took an outstanding effort on Sophie’s behalf with a “safe” margin of 9.9% but she managed to pull it off with frequent appearances in Public where her arrogance really shone through and the result was a “Don’t come Monday” from the Voters in her Electorate of Indi.

Like other Abbottites, Sophie managed to easily rub folk up the wrong way, and like Tony himself, seemed to think the aggressive style would not do her any damage. Clearly this was not how it played out in reality, but the lesson appears not to have been learned and she is standing again after some extraordinary (and unnecessary) bullying to win pre-selection.

With a big punch on expected between the Libs and the Nats, and the current Independent sitting member Cathy McGowan seemingly well respected, it could be a tall order to regain the seat.

Which brings us to Michaelia Cash who for some strange reason has not learned from her colleague. The label firebrand is not an easy one to assume. It has the effect of irritating the Voters so you have to know your stuff to carry it off.

Clearly Michaelia doesn’t if her latest efforts are any guide. This morning on the AM program she went full postal trying to sneak Malcolm’s misstep with States raising their own taxes, past the listeners claiming the States were at fault.

That is going to be a very tough sell because anyone who understands the efficiencies in a single model as opposed eight sets of duplication and uneven regulations, is going to realise it was a very silly idea that the Liberal party used to understand before Joe Hockey confused them.

You can be as enthusiastic as you want, but Voters are getting smarter about the Blame game, and with Labor showing a better understanding of the Economy, they really need to look a bit more credible.

It’s not a lost cause for Turnbull, by the way, Governments automatically have an edge in the minds of the Voters, and if he starts to show some idea of a plan then he can wrest back the lead. But now would be a good time to start looking capable.

To that end he needs so get a move on and it would help if those drawing the most attention either skilled up, or quietened down, so the more intelligent approach can get some air time. As it stands it looks like MT is having a hard time herding cats, and with Tony and his little mate Kevin Andrews still looking to exact revenge on the Party, it’s time to offer the Voters something.



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