Is Tony Mad or Bad?–It’s gone upstairs to the video Ref

With a Federal Election looming this year, be it early or late, we are about to see if Tony Abbott is going to be a Team Player, or go for the full Kevin 07, pull TONY-ABBOTT finger in earthe roof in gambit. And the result will be known before Election Day.

On the surface it looks an easy call but if we start looking at motivations then it gets a little more complex and it comes down to ego and blind faith in Tony himself.

It’s clear to almost everyone that Abbott was a dead man walking when it comes to being able to win a 2nd Election. Extremely unpopular after breaking a myriad of Election promises, yet arrogant enough to stand in front of the cameras and claim he hadn’t broken any. That gets big points for gutsy, but zero on the intelligence scale. It’s bad enough to be deceptive, but to rub Voters noses in it got exactly the result you would expect in the polls.

But here’s the rub. If you listen to Tony he seems blissfully unaware that he was steering a train wreck. He missed or dismissed Liberal polling, ignored advice from just outside his inner circle that he was in danger of losing his job, and even hastened his own end by ignoring the accurate messages and then offending the messengers.

Since hints of a double D have been dropping, he has gone all out to try and lock Malcolm into looking like a friendlier Tony, Someone with the very same agenda but with people skills.

Now that’s prima facie evidence that he is deliberately setting out to damage his party but we might be over simplifying his thinking. On some occasions he seems to believe he can recover the top job. That when the job gets too big for MT, he will get a second run.

That’s where the MAD bit comes in. Tony may actually believe his party would go through more pain and electoral damage by betraying the Voters and bringing back a highly unacceptable candidate. Something that is never going to happen as they struggle to repair the image of the Liberal party.

As the electioneering starts to ramp up we will be watching to see how Tony plays it. If he keeps making headlines trying to draw correct comparisons between himself and his party then we know he just wants to be the punisher. But if he backs off and recontests his seat, then we know he is Mad. His ego doesn’t stand for not being the team captain so if he stays he reckons he is still a chance.


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