The Big Bash League and a dangerous apology

Apparently this is the 5th year of the BBL and I must admit I’ve been surprised to learn that I ignored 4 seasons before it caught my attention. I don’t even know how they “got” me this time but I’m guessing some well placed advertising did the trick. And going by the huge crowds, not only my buttons were pressed. It’s been good fun.

The TV coverage could be the reason because it feels very laid back with commentators dressing casually and it almost feels like they have come round to my own living room to share the game with me.

Having said that though, I think they may have taken it a bit too casually when the Gayle interview went to air and I would not be surprised if there hasn’t been a memo or two sent round the team to prevent another mishandling of any indiscretions.

For those of you not in Oz, Chris Gayle had a brain fade in the interview immediately after he was dismissed during a game and made a clumsy pass at the interviewer which concluded with ‘Don’t blush Baby.’ I was half listening at the time and didn’t catch the first bit but as soon as I heard that last bit I knew there would be repercussions.

First of all I have to say that even though I haven’t been dating for 40 plus years, I’m pretty sure young ladies don’t take too kindly to a chap trying to embarrass them in front of a live TV audience. It’s something to do with a little thing called Respect. No matter how you cut it, the only possible way you can view it is Gayle was using Mel McLaughlin to show off his ego in front of the audience. It was hardly designed to impress her as she was professionally carrying out her duties.

Of course we ended up with a line up of the usual suspects when it comes to defending arrogant male behaviour including Piers Akerman but I need hardly note Piers has never really been the sort of bloke you would got to for advice on gentlemanly behaviour. He is more your aging dinosaur in a media empire trying to prop up ‘old values’ against a more considerate society.

But aside from the has-beens, Ten got caught out somewhat by one of the commentators making a comment which included ‘an amorous Chris Gayle.’

Ouch. That’s just complicated matters. Anyone who missed the trouble in the interview just got bought up to speed. Luckily they cut straight to an add break so the hole didn’t get dug any deeper. By the time they were back on screen there was a more sober feeling to the coverage as spin doctors had to play catch up.

The following day it was all fines and apologies and all hands on deck to deal with the fall out. Even then I was frankly surprised to see this little gem from one of the cricket higher ups.

He blamed the Gayle performance on ‘cultural differences’.

Ooh. Nasty. In order to excuse Gayle he just bitch slapped the whole West Indies by calling the ignorance a societal thing in his homeland. Personally, I just wouldn’t go there.

A week or two later and things have quietened down a bit and I don’t expect to see a repeat. Cricket authorities have worked out it’s good business to cater for both genders, in teams and fans, and there’s nothing like hefty profits to see their managers get super focused.

Good job too.


The ABC coverage.


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