How Lawyers and Alt Health evangelists work against our Health interests

Currently I am dealing with a health issue that has required adding new medications to those I already take, and I find myself with a flood of information at my finger tips via Google. Notionally that is a good thing, but the quality is the issue.

First in my list of scoundrels is the disclaimer sheet that comes from my local Chemist. The list of things to look out for was large and included the very symptoms I’m trying to control so the arse covering legal document is useless to me unless I break other stuff in this creaky old bod. I guess that is why Chemists are happy to sell you homeopathic “remedies” (otherwise known as sugar water). It gives them the legal out of “it’s only water.”

Next we have all manner of touts for miracle cures, “natural” remedies and “secrets big Pharma doesn’t want you to know” and of course chaps like Dr Oz and Pete Evans pushing their own magic potions for personal gain. Boy there are a lot of these and they seem to operate for quite a long time before the Legal System gets around to popping them in jail. Dr Oz is still free to trade at this moment in time. (Jan 2016).

This segues nicely into Government controls. This was a big disappointment. Notionally the Therapeutic Goods Administration is supposed to be there to protect us Aussies but it was nobbled from the outset with businesses in the Health Industry having the ability to offer a business argument for not banning a product. Ever wondered why companies like Swiss generally get away with pushing drugs for claimed athletic improvement? The answer appears to lie right here. We actually have to turn to Choice magazine to expose the scammers.

How about Medical Science then? Now we are getting closer to real options but I have to add a caveat here. Some of the real advances don’t have much of a promotion system so finding out about them is a bit of a challenge. There is also some experimental options that I wouldn’t even consider unless I was in a life threatening position. I’m especially thinking here of faecal transplants.

Seriously? To my mind, if the medical team are not able to synthesise the active component then they are still trying to work out why it works. If you think it’s a good idea to wash your hands after going to the toilet, then getting a direct poo transplant should be a bridge too far in my view.

In the final wash up, I think the best solution is to have a good GP and a Patient Advocate to check credible sources for me so I don’t talk myself into thinking I have Ebola. Luckily I have such a person in Liz and a great GP as well, Professor Craig, but it really would be nice if we could reduce the white noise on the Net and be able to find quality information.

I suspect I’ll be pushing up daisies for century or two before it all comes under control.



Therapeutic Goods Administration

Choice Magazine

Dr Oz

Pete Evans


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