How low can you go? The ethics of Rev. Jeff Bayhi

As the Catholic Church comes under more scrutiny, and Team Apologist over at The Australian newspaper battle to down play the seriousness of protecting serial rapists, this little snippet from the US looks to refocus attention on just how disgusting these men of the cloth really are.

Check this article out.

Rev. Jeff Bayhi claims the Vatican will suspend him if he reveals any details about a confession and this may well be true. Contrary to the efforts by the Vatican to present themselves as concerned about Child Sexual Abuse, it seems likely that closed ranks are of far more concern to The Pope than throwing out Abusers. Something to do with the size of the compensation I imagine.

But leaving the shortcomings of the Vatican to one side, what sort of man would stay in a job where his employer actively seeks to harbour serial sex offenders? How does he justify staying in the employ of such a corrupt organisation? How does he manage to put Church law above the Law of the Land? And even if it wasn’t against civil law, how is he not disgusted by crimes against children?

Not only is this morally bankrupt man prepared to stay in such an organisation, he is seeking to sue a newspaper for reporting his troubles rather than be embarrassed by his own behaviour.

Sure, the Vatican is a disgrace by his own admission, but it takes chaps like Rev Jeff to keep the Vatican in business.

The to-ing and fro-ing in the US legal system is very interesting in this case with different courts having wildly differing views. The Church could well have succeeded in stopping the complainant from being able to testify, but in the final wash up the appeals process is pushing the Church into taking responsibility for mandatory reporting and I can’t imagine how the Church can wind it back to them being a protected species unless massive corruption plays a part. Either way a LOT of money is going to be changing hands. Hopefully the victims will be the beneficiaries.

The fundamentals are coming to the fore. Real people such as Cardinal Pell, are working to suppress the details of serial sex offenders from being exposed to the Public, and even more importantly, the legal system. They can apologise until the cows come home but until they open the books, as promised by Cardinal Pell, the problem is not being fully addressed.


The offending article.

Pope Francis apologises for Abusing Priests

The Vatican refuses to release files of Australian priests accused of abusing children


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