A friend of Tony

Not surprisingly, I sometimes get challenged on my attitude towards our current PM who I regard as unfit for the job due to the disrespect he shows towards the voters, and basic lack of knowledge on how Australian politics and the Economy work.

It’s always interesting to read these to see which bits folk have fallen for (in the ones that aren’t straight out abuse) and to point out the weakness in their arguments. To that end I offer a series of FB messages from a chap who’s name I won’t reveal to save him embarrassment. This particular series was interesting in that the first one was mostly incoherent but following ones showed a lot more thought. I suspect the opening salvo was a young bloke and then someone else stepped in and raised the quality.

So here we go and apologies for the F bombs.

What fuck stick, you criticise PM in a week when Shorten admits he is a lying back stabbing bastard! This following the worst period of governance in Australia under Labor. Its dipshits like you that vote that fuck this country up. Should you not take up arms and go to Syria?

My best guess here is that this is in reference to my objecting to Tony Abbott trying to censor the ABC. I may be wrong though because Tony had a bad week and it may have been one of my other posts.

  • The Shorten comment. Apparently lying to a shock jock is pretty serious. Even worse than lying to the Voters as we are consistently seeing from our Dear Leader.
  • The worst period comment. Clearly this is someone who doesn’t read very widely and has failed to recognise the many achievements made under Julia Gillard. The stats show an excellent record of achievement as far as passing legislation in a minority government goes, and a brilliant response to the Global Financial Crisis
  • The vote comment. Childish and missing any valid point.
  • The Syria comment. Indecipherable. Perhaps he thinks Syria is actually ISIS? Can’t tell.

Message two

What "there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead" Should you not be paying your Union Dues!!!! LOL Gullible!!! He has stopped the boats, he scrapped the carbon tax and is doing his best to get budget under control albeit against the will of the most negative opposition in history. Look in the mirror mate.

One of the most upsetting decisions for right wingers was the decision to bring in a Carbon Tax. A tax Tony Abbott used to be in favor of before he thought he could gain political mileage by back flipping. It came about because a promise was made pre-Election, but got traded away to form a minority government with the support of the Greens.

It was a very good decision as it turned out, having a real effect on Carbon Emissions and it looked like it would be popular with more than half the Voters in favor of it at the time. That was before the massive campaign undertaken by the Liberal Party to undermine Aussies confidence in the measure. A politically astute move.

  • “Stopped the boats” comment. Maybe. There is a hell of a lot of secrecy surrounding the treatment of asylum seekers so they are not travelling well enough to be “up front” about what they are doing. Lately it appears that the so called “people smuggles” are getting a bounty from the Aussie government to take their customers back. That blows the cred on the original promise to “bust the business model of the people smugglers”.
  • Scrapped the carbon tax comment. Yes he has. The most successful idea yet proposed to battle carbon emissions and at one time preferred by Tony himself. Aussies are starting to realise this was a dud idea from a government that has no effective program for dealing with Climate Change.
  • The most negative opposition in history comment. This one is straight out laughable for anyone who watched Tony in Opposition. Every single tactic was tried and I’m pleased to see Labor did not follow suit when it was their turn on the Opposition benches. Sure Labor blocked changes that were frightfully unfair to those on the bottom of the socio economic ladder. They had to. Some of the ideas produced were bat shit crazy. Tax the Senior cits on their doctor visits. Who would be crazy enough to allow that?

Message three

Kevin Rudd was never a minority government and as described by Gillard it was a government gone bad. Gillard knifed a colleague and sold her arse to bacome PM,. dont give me shit about minority governments not working. Rudd/Gillard will go down as darkest days of Australian politics and "The Killing Season has affirmed their selfish, self interest term. As for Gonski as like NDIS, it was never funded beyond the forward estimates and when you leave behind $500b in debt and budget deficits as far as eye can see, something is not going to ge paid for. If you dont understand economics 101 best to keep quiet.

Time for a red herring. No mention of Rudd was ever made but trying to avoid my point about a Minority Government left him no room to move.

The Leadership challenge. Quite frankly it is amazing that the normal process of changing Leaders was manipulated to make it seem other than the norm. It is very rare indeed that a Leader goes willingly and how folk can’t look back at previous leadership changes and recognise them for what they are, shows a very simplistic view of politics. It’s a numbers game and always has been. When Bob Hawke deposed Bill Hayden in the shadow of an Election (which he won incidentally) Richard Carlton famously asked Hawke if he had “blood on his hands”.

Bob was not amused.

Through a good deal of gullibility and some bizarre commentary from political commentators who should know their history better, somehow Tony managed to push the line that somehow a Leader should be a protected species. Now he is enjoying holding his position using the same attitude. Incredibly he has even made the incorrect statement that “only the Voters can remove a Leader”.

Nope. The Voters never get a say in who leads a party. The Party room decide and so it should be. Politics is a Team sport in normal times but it just so happens we have a PM who doesn’t recognise the fact. Rudd had the same ego problem.

Gonski. This is a serious memory lapse on the part of the writer or a deliberate attempt to mislead. Tony promised he would back the Gonski plan “fully funded and dollar for dollar with Labor.” Why he categorically stated this is beyond me. He could easily have fudged his way through but I’m guessing he got excited and nailed his britches to the mast. The end result is the very bad look that he never intended to do as promised.

As for the debt levels, this current Government looks like they don’t know how to do the math. We have a Black Hole that magically appears when Joe needs it, only to disappear just as quickly when it isn’t required. Need money for religion in State schools? No problem, no deficit. Need money for Science? Damn. There’s that handy black hole again. It’s frightfully convenient albeit totally unbelievable.

Message four

The last contribution was inventive indeed. When asked if he recognised the GFC had occurred, this was the response.

Thanks to the great work of John Howard and a big thank you to China we did in escense escape it to a degree

A slight concession but missing the glaringly obvious. The reason Oz avoided a lot of harm came down to the stimulus package where Aussies received up to around $900 to stimulate the Economy. The Liberal preferred model in previous downturns was to give money to business owners rather than the Public which leads to full warehouses but no one able to afford the goods.

I don’t know of anyone else who credits that decision to John Howard but I do note the point that Oz has enjoyed 20 years of continuous growth under both parties. In a more relaxed political climate, both sides concede that the other is pretty skilled at running the Economy but that looks to have changed.

The current Treasurer seems devoid of ideas in dealing with the housing market and seems downright clueless when it comes to new home buyers. He is pretty keen on debt shifting as well. The changes have all been moving the debt levels from the country to our kid’s personal debt levels. That probably looks good on a spread sheet, but the end result is a less educated population and a lot less chance to get ahead if you are starting out as a person of limited means.

That sounds a lot like the horrible US system that just about everyone else is steering well clear of.

No doubt I will pick up more dissenters along the way and that’s a good thing. It’s good to see the view from a different perspective and examine how those ideas hold up to scrutiny. It’s also good to have to defend my own view and see if I need to moderate my position. I have had to on occasion. It’s also nice to correct the historical record when simplistic media contributions have sustained ideas that are clearly produced in a sterile environment uncontaminated by the real world.


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