Tony’s big test

I haven’t seen anyone pick up on this angle of the Same Sex Marriage Bill but I believe it will severely test Tony when it comes to how he handles the challenge.

We already know that Tony is not a fan and we already know it has overwhelming Public support. We also know that Tony has great difficulty when it comes to consulting his team(?) members. And we all know how he loves to use the phrase “Making a Captain’s call” as if that was something to be proud of. (For those sucked in by it’s use, think about how it nicely hides bad decisions by moving the focus away from the details.)

A couple of questions spring to mind for Tony’s consideration.

Will Tony keep his promise to allow a conscience vote?

Will he realise that ignoring the Public is dangerous?

Will he realise that ignoring his Party is even more dangerous?

A couple for the Party as well.

Will the Liberal Party of Australia allow themselves to be used as a door mat?

Do they think the Aussie Voter puts more value in loyalty to a bad captain over their responsibilities to those who voted for them? (If they have any doubt over this, talk to a Carlton fan about Malthouse.)

Do they really want to go to an Election as a group who allowed themselves to be bullied?

The smart decision should be an easy call for those who represent their Voters. Open up a free vote for his Party and send one of his members over to co-sponsor the Bill. In that simple measure you take the politics out of it, honor  a pre-election promise, save the Party from looking like tired old fuddy duddies, and show Aussies you can change your spots.

Of course it will upset Cardinal Pell, but seriously, he only carries one Vote and he is a dead man walking these days. He doesn’t deserve protection and he has shown himself to be the last person you should turn to for moral guidance.



Abbott rejects Abortion Bill. ABC PM

Tony Abbott pressured over same sex marriage Bill by an LNP senator SMH

Abbott opens door to consult more. SMH

Tony Abbott rules out referendum. Brissy Times.

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