The Liberal War on our kids

Currently Australia is in the grip of a political party that has a philosophy that is struggling to find any support in economic fields because, quite frankly, it is rooted in theory that has little to do with reality. It’s a broken model because it doesn’t factor in all those involved, which happens to be all of us.

It’s a top heavy model that wants to drive down the cost of production (which is good) but it wants to do it to the cost of the customers which is a bad idea when your customer rolls up with less dispensable income.

To make matters much worse, they don’t understand things like GDP and so while other countries look on impressed at Australia’s strong GDP standing against the OECD, they are running around trying to fix a system that is very robust by world standards. The G20 meeting (earned by Labor for it’s excellent handling of the GFC) saw the other member countries turn up to find that instead of a fiscally responsible management team, we had replaced them with a couple of chaps running around trying to perform emergency surgery on a healthy patient. No wonder Tony looked out of place on the World stage.

Happily, and much to their surprise, the Liberal party has suddenly discovered the emergency surgery is no longer required but unfortunately they don’t know why so they are still trying to tweak the system.

And this is where it gets really nasty. Joe Hockey has decided it’s bad for the country to carry debt so we had best shift it to the populace and there stand our kids ready to receive the hospital pass.

Education? No problem. Whack a $100,000 cost on a good education. They’ve got years to pay it back and besides, it discourages the unworthy from aiming too high.

Super contribution? Bewdy. Let’s let em put it into the Economy and let them suffer a lower payout figure from the lost interest when we have run off with our own generous Super payout. Too easy.

Taking action on Climate Change? Hell no. Sure it will cost our kids more but that’s not our problem. We can push that out till a more responsible Party takes Government then complain they spend more money. The ultimate Win Win.

How about building a strong IT infrastructure country wide that gives country folk a share of the benefits including allowing their kids to be educated away from the big cities? Are you mad? That will cost plenty and we can pretend the cheapo model will suffice. Besides. We can cable our cities and make sure our own service is healthy and blame country folk for making a “lifestyle choice”. And again we can blame the other mob when they come back in and start delivering a competitive infrastructure.


National School Chaplaincy AssociationInvestment in Science? What? Take the money back from religious education and invest it back in Science? How could we train our kids to grow up just like those paragons of virtue, Tony and Chris Pyne, if we don’t pump money into his Church?



Sadly, the Liberal view seems to be that Voters are here to serve the country instead of it being a partnership where the country helps our kids to achieve the best they possibly can, and then reap the rewards that higher education brings in higher incomes and export markets. We can afford it and it comes with a dividend.

Somewhere at Liberal HQ there is a spreadsheet that wants to be showing a black figure, totally oblivious to the reality of how the world works. Sure we should keep chipping away at the debt as Labor was doing before Tony complained they were being too hard on the poor, but the process has to be considered carefully and approached without the frantic hand waving and sky is falling spin.

The current management team look well out of their depth the only question is are they really that unskilled or simply locked into playing the spin doctor card for all they can wring from it? If it’s the later polling would suggest it’s a tactic long past it’s usefulness.


2 thoughts on “The Liberal War on our kids

    1. Ta Snowy.

      I’ve been sitting on this one for a couple of days while battling the flu but last night I had to get it off my chest. Having our kids tied down by debt instead of using our collective incomes to improve conditions and opportunities for them seems to me to be as muddleheaded as it gets. Especially when the country benefits in the long run.

      It only recently occurred to me that its another case of the Treasurer flick passing the problem. The States got hit when he shoved a lot of problems on them as a result of the last attempted Budget and our kids appear to have copped the balance.

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