A test of commonality.

Today we have a one question test as befits the current amusement watching the PM trying to avoid a few back downs. The answer is in the bottom of the piccy but no cheating.

The chap on the left is a talented musician who has arguably turned out some of the most polished music clips ever produced.

The chap on the right is presumably a very brave individual going by all those medals.

Now I’ll grant you the one 3 in from the left is awarded for being able to blow out the candles on the cake produced for your 90th birthday, and the one 3 more to the right was personally made by Professor Flynt (and a beaut job of colouring in with crayon it is too), but the sheer number of medals remaining must include a VC or something special.

Either that, or he managed to pick up Idi Amin’s old coat from the Op Shop.

Complete with medals.

two chaps formerly


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