Naughty Friday funny – Political correctness 101

An American guide to Political Correctness. Your mileage may vary but it should get us Aussie blokes close to the mark. I can’t think of a politically correct term for “crack smoking ho” so if anyone has an idea I would much appreciate it.

How to speak about women and be politically correct:

1..  She is not a “Babe” or a “Chick” –
She is a “Breasted American.”

2..  She is not “Easy” –

She is “Horizontally Accessible.”

3.  She is not a “Dumb Blonde” –

She is a “Light haired detour of the Information Superhighway.”

4.  She has not “Been Around” –

She is a “Previously enjoyed companion.”

5.  She is not a “Two-Bit Hooker” –

She is a “Low Cost Provider.”

How to speak about men and be politically correct:

1..  He does not have a “Beer Gut” –

He has developed a “Liquid Grain Storage Facility.”

2.  He is not a “Bad Dancer” –

He is “Overly Caucasian.”

3.  He does not “Get lost all the time” –

He “Investigates Alternative Destinations.”

4.  He is not “Balding” –

He is in “Follicle  Regression.”

5.  It’s not his “Crack  you see hanging out of his pants –

It’s his “Rear Cleavage.”


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