Edge of Tomorrow – Review

There is a lot to like about The Edge of Tomorrow notwithstanding it has Tom Cruise in the lead role. Firstly, Emily Blunt co-stars opposite Cruise in a role a lot different from any other I have seen her in. And she carries it off well. Add to her, Brendan Gleeson who is always good value. I know you are not supposed to have sympathies for the bad(ish) guy but it can’t be helped.

Now I should give a warning about the form this flick takes. If you were irritated by the repeated parts in Ground Hog Day then save yourself 2 hours because there is a LOT of it here, but for me it works well.

As a person who used to get stuck in old computer games that were very linear, I got the feeling the flick drew heavily on that format. You know the sort I mean, where you have a saved game position just before entering a room of a dungeon and you have many restarts trying to get past the Boss to clear the stage.

But somehow it works well. Probably because I wasn’t controlling the game myself and the many restarts were mentioned rather than experienced which took the frustration right out of it.

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the mech suits. Rather than massive units you are totally enclosed in in some stories, these were just an assist that you could step out of when the power ran out. It’s the sort of technology you could imagine in the very near future. I want one.

At 2 hours duration it is slightly overlong but it does have a lot to get through and my only quibble is the bit of love interest tied in at the end. It doesn’t need it, and a tougher ending would have been fine in my book.

A very nice piece of work with a bit of thinking required, good battle scenes, and characters I cared about. Worth a watch if you are cool with the warning.

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