A Champion Team? Only on paper.

Recently I was sent an email that I have seen before that praises the individual qualifications of the current Abbott government members and it raises some interesting points to reflect on.

Tony is a Rhodes Scholar, Brandis is a QC, and any number of other members have good qualifications. I’m guessing others have seen it too.

Firstly, Tony’s team does have some skills on paper and notionally that gave a reasonable expectation of some skill when it came to running the country.  Indeed the history of the Liberal Party has, rightly or wrongly, seen them regarded as a safe pair of hands when it came to running the Economy. Before the Election Mr Abbott even claimed to offer a "no surprises" Government so he recognized this is important to the Aussie voter.

However the performance of the team has been in sharp contrast to those expectations and 1 year on we see a Government that is

  • struggling with the Economy,
  • out of touch with the poor,
  • arrogant enough to ignore public opinion,
  • happy to ignore Election promises then deny the obvious,
  • happy to create big new taxes,
  • out of it’s depth on the NBN,
  • quite happy to provide work Visas in an Economy with rapidly growing unemployment,
  • even prepared to have big ticket items built outside the country.
  • and wants to put your kids on your doorstep if they are unfortunate enough to lose their job

How has this presumption of a well credentialed team failed so consistently?

It appears to be a problem that stems from a vision of the World that has no basis in reality and a strong dose of only coming into contact with those of the same opinion.

  • The cost of building a product is understood but the concept of a buyer for that product is not.
  • Same goes for understanding it costs money to provide Centerlink support but not realizing the service it offers is to quickly get folk back to work.
  • They know that it will cost Oz to look after Aged Pensioners but can’t see the assistance that Superannuation provides in the future.

  • On the Environment they can see financial advantage for unhindered development but can’t comprehend the real price for not dealing with looming environmental problems.
  • They see advantage in bringing in foreign workers but can’t make the connection between the growth that causes in the number of unemployed.
  • they think a six month waiting period for the Dole will get folk back to work quicker, then throw a huge pile of extra compliance rules on to them to make it that much harder to cut through to genuine interviews

Most of us will have met folk who are book smart but seemingly unable to get in out of the rain and this Government looks like a prime example of that problem.

Some fans of the Abbott Government appear to be promoting this old email again and they deserve full marks for loyalty, but I think the horse has well and truly bolted when it comes to claiming any expertise for their preferred PM. Once incompetence starts hitting the hip pocket nerve folk quickly begin to realize elite financial theories can’t disguise less money in their pocket and less opportunity for their kids.

You simply can’t rewrite history to match unrealistic dogma developed in the sheltered workshops of the economically advantaged. Folk just have to look in their wallet to see the reality.

Sure they can sit around patting each other on the back at their posh lunches and dream the dream but when they catch a glimpse of the real world on their way back to their chauffer driven car they should consider how long they can afford to ignore reality before the real engine room bites back.


2 thoughts on “A Champion Team? Only on paper.

  1. I know lots of really smart people who don’t have a lick of horse sense between ’em!

    One thing I hope comes out of the whole idiotic Ebola furor is that people will wake up to the fact that the media and the government are both a pack of idiots and jackasses. 😛

  2. It has been rather remarkable especially to hear previously astute political commentators not appreciate the effects of some incredibly dumb decisions.

    They don’t seem to suspect we consumers realise they are part of the problem. The number of times they complain about losing circulation and yet they don’t equate that with us distrusting their message, beggars belief.

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