Hello, my name is Inga and I’ll be your weather girl today.

Here is an excellent weather update from Inga whose parents live up in cyclone country.

Step Into The Light

I’m reluctant to make light of cyclones because they’re often catastrophic, and having grown up in the Tropics I have more than a passing respect for their potential. On the other hand, North Queenslanders often evince a discrepant pride in these furious seasonal visitors, which often brings communities together in ways both heartwarming and amusing. Here’s Daryl, Andy and Mick, after Cyclone Yasi in 2011 (photo credit: Herald Sun):


Our current leading lady, Cyclone Ita, made landfall around 10pm last night at Cape Flattery, after being downgraded from a Category 5 to a breezy Category 4. She promptly took out the weather station (the last recorded wind gust was 135km/hr) and tore the roof off the West Coast Pub. I’d put money on which incident affected the locals the most.

A couple of lads styling themselves as the Oz Cyclone Chasers headed up to Cooktown to document the event, and…

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