Salvation Army Hearings Continue (Or: Still Taking Taxpayers’ Money)

I’m so desperately sad to report that this in one of the last blog posts made by Lewis before his untimely death yesterday.

He was one of the best bloggers dealing with information coming from the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Child Abuse and I, and many others, are going to miss the detail he put into his work in his aim to bring justice for those, like him, who were abused at the hands of the Salvation Army.

Lewis’s quality saw me reblogging his material on several occasions and I only wish I had found his site earlier.

RIP Lewis.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation television (ABC 2 / Ch. 24 digital) will be re-screening the “Four Corners” program from 2003, detailing abuses by the Salvation Army at its Children’s Homes – titled “The Homies”.

The program will run at 8 p.m. (daylight Saving time – 7.p.m. Queensland time) on this coming Saturday night – 1st February, 2014. The author and one of the men who gave evidence this week, Wally McLeod, were interviewed in the program by top ABC investigative journalist, Quentin McDermott, along with a few other men and women.

The program was ground-breaking at a time when there was little public awareness of the issues. Now that the royal commission is revisiting four Salvation Army Boys’ Homes, Alkira, Bexley, Gill, and Riverview, it again becomes particularly relevant. People will soon realize just how far ahead of its time this program was.

Special thanks are also due…

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3 thoughts on “Salvation Army Hearings Continue (Or: Still Taking Taxpayers’ Money)

    1. Turns out Lewis was claimed by a heart attack. I’m sorry he didn’t get to see the whole house of cards collapse but delighted he made it far enough to see the folk who abused him before the Royal Commission.

      They still have one day to sit but he covered the first 3.

      Lots of hits on his blog and messages of support for his family.

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