Zoned out of the Daily Show?

Every so often I see a FB link where I can’t watch the content because I live in Oz, and one that really annoys me is missing out on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show material. We used to get it in Oz but FOXTEL bought the exclusive rights so the ABC no longer runs it and I just can’t bring myself to help Rupert prop up his cash consuming newspapers by subscribing.

I’ve just had to suck it up but finally a tempting morsel came up about the Media ignoring the Blackstone Codere shady deal and I had to hit the big G for a solution.

It turns out it’s an easy fix if you use Mozilla Firefox which I don’t, but I have been testing out a new browser called Pale Moon which is a fast browser based on the same engine.

By adding an Extension called Modify Headers to your browser, you can set an IP address that hides your own. Grab a US address and you look American. Want to get the UK Election coverage? Grab a Pommie address and sit back and enjoy the BBC Election coverage graphics.

If you don’t mind getting into the settings and playing around then check out the How To here.

Incidentally, I’m enjoying the Pale Moon browser. I’m still using Chrome for the features and remembered passwords, but general browsing is happening in Pale Moon.


4 thoughts on “Zoned out of the Daily Show?

    1. She will get a lot more laughs (and some satisfaction) watching the tear downs of the more ridiculous pollies from the US itself.

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