What the Staff Said (Or: He Was So Cute)

More on the YMCA including a photo of the lawyer, Gregory Sirtes, who has attacked some of the mother’s accounts.
I can’t help being reminded of the Asbestos fiasco where the victims seemed to be the ones on trial.



Evidence presented to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, by six former staff members, gives the lie to claims by the YMCA’s lawyer, Gregory Sirtes (pictured above), that the organisation boasted “industry-leading practices.”

The director of the Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate within the New South Wales state Department of Education and Communities, Ruth Callaghan, said that the evidence did not indicate “best practice”. She revealed that a “monitoring inspection” was carried out May 30, 2013. It found that one staff member had not completed a Working with Children check, emergency evacuation instructions were not displayed and some staff records did not include evidence of training.

A week after the first allegations against Lord were reported, the children’s services coordinator at the YMCA, Jacqui Barnat, wrote to staff reminding them of its policies and their duty of care towards children.

“I feel at times we are a little…

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