More bloody blokes politics. This time from Labor.

Do you ever get the feeling that pollies sometimes lose focus on what Democracy means?

Check out this item from this morning’s AM program. Here.

This is actually a Labor Backbencher, Nick Champion, and I hope like hell that’s as high as he ever gets because he has forgotten how the Voters fit into our Democratic process.

The gist of is theory is to let the Liberal side of politics totally screw the Environment for his own personal gain and satisfaction. Then he gets to come in and repair the damage. It’s very similar to the failed Rudd approach to Party Leadership.

That vote you cast to try and minimise the damage of a PM who can’t take the longer view should simply be discarded because the honourable member thinks we have a Winner Take All system. Sadly he is not the only bloke who thinks that. Tony Abbott himself thinks any Senate vote that wasn’t for him has to be discarded.

Well it’s time for these chaps to put schoolboy politics aside and have a review on how our system really works.

We Voters give you our vote so you can represent our interests on the floor of the House. You tell us what your attitude is to particular things you think we might be interested in and we make a call on that.

When you have collected enough of our votes for a win, you toddle off to Canberra and sit with your friends who are of like mind. If you have more seats than the other side your Leader becomes PM. If you don’t you become the Opposition.

I’m confident you are with me so far but now you have to concentrate.

Now just because you didn’t get to fill the PM’s position doesn’t mean you get to nod off and do sod all until the next Election comes around. What you have scored is a job that just got a bit harder in some ways but easier in others.

The easy bit is you get to snipe away and say things like “I wooda done …whatever…”

The hard part is that you still owe us for that vote we cast for you so you are supposed to do your level best to represent our interests. When it comes to your future job security we don’t put much value on that and neither should you. We are much more interested in preventing as much damage as possible to the environment than having you in particular coming in eventually to clean up the mess.

The good news for you is that in doing the decent thing it actually helps us pick you again next time we cast a vote, and if you have really impressed, it may even flow over so more of your friends get voted in too and you get to provide the PM. And even better, the recovery task is not as huge as it would have been.

In politics, that’s a Win Win.

So forget that BS about a mandate for whatever Tony wants. It’s a ridiculous idea when more than one policy is on offer. And don’t try discounting votes just because a party has less seats, be they one or many. Our votes still count whomever we vote for and the responsibility to represent those Voters doesn’t get washed away in testosterone.

That is actually the whole reason for you being there. The rest is just playing politics.

If you find that responsibility irksome then get out of politics and find yourself a job where Winner takes all is popular. Check the classifieds under Greed is Good. But don’t try and change our Democracy to match your blokey view of the world. That’s probably fine in school boy politics (though hopefully dated) but it’s not acceptable in a sophisticated Democracy in this century.


2 thoughts on “More bloody blokes politics. This time from Labor.

    1. It does make it unpredictable and the scary bit is we might have another Haradine in the bunch. If so any crazy deal can be made to secure a vote.


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