What YOU can do to help future Aussie kids

We are now half way through the Election campaign and none of our Reporters (Journalists is probably too strong a word) has asked either of the two main players to commit to allowing the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Child Abuse to run without interference.

It’s a question worth asking when you look at the history of inquiries where Churches are involved and politicians profess religious tendencies.

Both Kevin and Tony are inclined to bend the knee and Tony in particular has a close friend under a good deal of pressure. Not only that, but he was famously caught out lying about communicating with George Pell before the last Election so he can be devious when he feels the need.

Where do YOU come into the frame?

It’s a simple thing really. It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t have to be a long email, and it can help get some focus where it counts.

It does take a little courage to tell a pollie you care about the risk to our kids and ask them to take responsibility for cleaning out the Abusers, but they need to know you care enough to raise your voice. If you say nothing they will assume you don’t care.

Drop an email to both gentlemen, keep it sensible and polite, and simply ask them to publically commit to not interfering with the running of the Royal Commission. That doesn’t guarantee honesty of course, but it does expose them to having to answer the Voters if they renege.

Here are the two email addresses to make it easy for you and remember that whoever reads your letter is just doing their job on behalf of the pollies so be polite. Getting binned for rudeness defeats the whole purpose.

Later this week there will be a petition raised to really go after the big numbers but personal emails carry more weight so hit these two email addresses and hit the petition when it appears on FB.



Remember, it’s a huge thing to actually get big concerns like the major religions into the courts to face the music. We may as well get the pain done with and the problem solved. It will be a lifetime before we see them in the dock again and our future little Aussies deserve better.


10 thoughts on “What YOU can do to help future Aussie kids

  1. I’m not an Aussie myself, so this isn’t something I can get involved with, but I wholeheartedly support what you’re propsoing. Good on yer.

  2. Thanks Lance. It’s an extremely rare opportunity we Aussies have to bring these chaps to Justice. I’d hate to see it slip away.

    1. Thanks Christine. I’m hoping we can force a result. Unfortunately there is a lot of background noise from all manner of special interest groups so we will need to be loud.


  3. Peter, from past experience of emailing politicians on matters of particular concern, it seems to be normal practice for responses not to be forthcoming for at least EIGHT WEEKS. Direct telephone calls are most times not effective either. It is my fear that so close to the election, concerns expressed via email will not be answered and certain journalists will most likely be instructed ‘not to touch this particular subject’.
    One thought which has come to my mind is that perhaps Derrin Hinch might take up our concerns, as he has proven himself on numerous occasions in the past to be ‘fearless’ when child abuse issues are being discussed.

    1. Sounds like a good idea Sue. I was trying to track down a few email addresses to see if a Reporter might be open to pushing the questions. Paul Bongiorno springs to mind and also the AFR’s Laura Tingle but I am having trouble tracking them down.

      There are a few of us trying to come up with names and make approaches to see what can be done.

      Incidentally, I got a pathetic reply from Tony Abbott’s office this morning. I appreciate it’s not going to get to the leader himself, but throwing a bit of spin into the reply is dismissive and quite frankly, an insult.

  4. email sent to Derryn Hinch:-
    There is growing concern on the part of many people, in light of the upcoming Federal Election, that there has been no attempt by any of our journalists to seek a verbal commitment from both Mr. Rudd and Mr. Abbott that they will ensure that the Royal Commission, shortly to commence in regard to Australian Institutional Child Abuse, will categorically run its full course into the future, and that the necessity WILL NOT ARISE whereby an attempt will be made to shut down the process, based on cost blow-out or perceived funding issues.
    22/08/2013 01:58pm

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