A Really Good Idea (Or: Many Hands Make Light Work)

Great idea but the only chance would be through Community radio on a shoe string. Certainly the Murdoch Press will be giving it the big swerve



An idea has been proposed to produce a pilot program for a weekly, one-hour, television program on the Royal Commission and related issues. The idea involves control of the format, production and financing, by victims and their friends and associates. It is called the Survivors’ Pilot Project.

Anyone wishing to participate in this project can go to the following website, which contains contact details for the principal proposer: http://www.gofundme.com/3cfgso

Topics which have been suggested include:

  • A segment that is focused on healing/understanding in your neighborhood or community.
  • Coming out. What to expect and how to work for a better outcome.
  • Dispelling myths & legends – what psychology, neuroscience and research can tell us.
  • Justice and the law
  • The psychology of the cover-up and just what is being covered up.
  • Statistics, surveys/polls.
  • Guests – local and from overseas (SKYPE).
  • Talking to management.
  • Guests from government and public services.
  • Bring a guest…

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