NSW Enquiry – Week’s Wrap-Up (Or: Master of Law and Letters)

I was caught out by the Media on this one too. Their focus on Peter Fox instead of recognising the serious contradiction and withdrawal of statements by those being investigated speaks volumes for how poorly we are served by the 4th estate at present.

Having been living off Press releases has made them lazy and unless we get Press releases from the Royal Commission we will have to gather our own data.

Nice work from Lewis.



The first week of the second session of the NSW government enquiry into clerical child sexual abuse in the Newcastle-Maitland diocese heard further evidence from Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, more local police officials and the current Bishop of Newcastle-Maitland, Bill Wright. Bishop Bill Wright tried to right the wrongs with, what the media described as an “emotional” apology to victims.

It saw an example or two of apparently-skewed reporting in that minor errors by Mr. Fox were prominently reported by some corporate media outlets, while other, more serious, errors were not well-covered. The chief example was that Inspector Fay Dunn contradicted testimony by Chief Inspector Wayne Humphrey that she had authorized a search of Detective Chief Inspector Fox’s office while he was on leave.

Further, Mr. Humphrey withdrew part of his sworn affidavit in which he had accused Mr. Fox of refusing repeated requests to hand over evidence. He…

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