We want GOF

It’s been a long time since GOF posted a blog and I’m thinking we need another of his insights into lesser known points of history.

I realise his solar power is probably struggling with clouds but I’m stirring the pot anyway. Goblet has now finished her report from PNG so I hope we are not in for a drought.

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It sounds that like all good bloggers, GOF is taking a break and perhaps never to return. This would mean a lot less FOTFLMAO for myself and a good many other readers judging by the number of comments he gathers on his excellent posts. Inga reckons he won’t be able to resist a comeback and I hope she is right.


In an attempt to encourage his return I have pinched a YouTube clip of the We want Gough campaign that erupted back in 1972 when Whitlam got the boot and Norman Gunston was there to capture the action.


Yes. I have taken a liberty with the spelling but I’m sure you will agree that this is serious. Easily as serious as the collapse of the Government in those exciting days.


C’mon back GOF. You are the equal of Gunston who was able to lighten the seriousness in…

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