It has taken a year but an idea is taking shape

As some of you will be aware, I have spent many hours over this past year trying to devise a format for LaserTag that will get folk in to play in a regular league.

It has been a challenge.

Lanes and Games 026We have been running LaserTag for over a year now and I’m very happy with the numbers we have been getting especially in kids birthday parties, but I have always had a hankering to do more with the BattlefieldLIVE system. We haven’t used any of the more sophisticated things like Claymores or Dirty bombs and this is because they are aimed at dedicated gamers and too complex for the really young players.

Not long after we first got the system I tried to get the numbers and didn’t quite make it. I wanted 4 teams of 6 players and we only managed 3 1/2. Melb 018Probably that was a good thing because a year later I have more of an idea on how to run it and we have added an extra bit of gear, the Domination Box, that allows me to run the game with only one referee.

To realise just how big the challenge is, Horsham is not a huge place. In 2011 it had a population of just 14,000. Compare that to Geelong with a population of 160,000 and a LaserTag venue with 10 teams and you could assume I’d be pushing to get one team up. But luckily (or unluckily for some) there are not as many distractions in Horsham and plenty of folk here love playing sport so that gave me an edge.

Last week I had 2 free sessions for folk to come and try out the game format. Friday night and Saturday night. On the Friday just 1 person showed up and I determined to go and get the poster from Maccas and never kid myself that “I knew what I was doing” ever again. It seemed the idea was heading for theMay 028 waste paper bin like so many other crazy ideas I have chased over the years. (See the filing cabinet or talk to Liz for all the gory details.)

But just as I had talked myself in to giving it up, the Saturday turned it all upside down. I had a phone call asking if a team could come in earlier and then we had a steady stream from then on.

The effort seems to have paid off with us being just 1 player off 4 full teams and on this Friday evening we are starting with a freebie session for those who have signed up.

Vindicated? Too soon to tell. If the first season works well and we have demand for a new season with more teams then I’ll be pretty cocky. The Master Plan here is to get a team skilled enough to play in the National Clan Wars.

That’s not the end of development though. Later in the year I’m looking to set up below the Go-cart track for outdoor lasertag and if that gets off the ground then the Zombie format will be introduced for casual players.

Along with these options, I’d still like to hire out to groups like Charities for their fund raisers.

Could be one or two more sleepless nights in store as more ideas get played with but with this nice outcome there is incentive to keep expanding the options.


4 thoughts on “It has taken a year but an idea is taking shape

  1. How very exciting! I have played LasorTag a few times and it was a blast! There are no more places that have it around here.

    Good for you!

    1. Never thought I would like working with kids Lauri but it has been great fun and getting it one stage further is very encouraging.

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