How come Tony’s solutions cost more?

Has anyone else noticed the trend that seems to be developing with Liberal solutions in Oz? Whenever a perceived problem is “solved” by Tony and Co, it seems to cost a packet. Check out these efforts.

Let’s start with the NBN. Loud have been the complaints from the Opposition benches that the NBN is too expensive but what do we see with the Liberal Plan? A clearly inferior product that has higher maintenance costs simply because they prefer Fibre to the Node instead of Fibre to the Home. The only way their system can be cheaper is if they opt to deliver the paltry speeds offered by wireless and if you live outside the city you know who is going to get shafted. If they stick by the promises that their system will not be inferior then the system will be a lot more expensive.

Then there is dealing with asylum seekers. The Liberal Party demanded, and got, the reopening of Nauru as part of the deal otherwise they would not sign it into Law. The price estimated for this exercise that undermines the deterrent? 1.2 to 1.4 Billion buckeroos. The cost of returning folk to Malaysia via air (the Labor preference)? 80 million. Leaving aside the morality of this issue (seeing as it doesn’t enter into Tony’s calculations) which is the bigger deterrent?

Malaysia. Because it can’t be spun by the smugglers as a step forward.

How about the Liberal solution for matters like the Global Financial Crisis? Labor’s solution was to inject money into the employee end of the equation so that spending was maintained and businesses kept their Sales up. Tony and Joe’s preference is the top down model where Unemployment is ramped up and handouts given to business to try and keep them open while no one can afford to buy their goods. The differences are stark. The Aussie Economy is cruising along with the highest possible rating of AAA+ while those who follow the other model are crawling along with a zero interest rate and no room to move to pump their Economies up.

Today we saw another brilliant and expensive idea. This one from Scott Morrison (the chap who wants to turn around unseaworthy boats when they hit our borders). Apparently we now need to fear folk on Bridging Visas so infrastructure needs to be built to “Big Brother” those folk in the community. Yep. We need another Government body to oversee these folk or we are going to waste police time on a political exercise in futility.

What is particularly worrying about these proposals is that they are all expensive and not especially well thought out. At some stage Tony and Joe may be responsibly for balancing the Aussie books and going by their efforts so far they don’t have the skills. And what is their natural instinct when things don’t work out? Start sacking folk at the bottom end.


3 thoughts on “How come Tony’s solutions cost more?

  1. Well said, Pete. The worrying part is that as well as being more expensive, the supposed “solutions” aren’t anything of the sort. They’re just dog whistling to the ill-informed.

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