Has the Queen looked after the C of E?

Been missing Christopher Hitchens since his passing? I sure have. The distinctive voice, the casual yet eloquent put downs, the keen observations and the willingness to confront social issues. These are some of the reasons I enjoyed his material and delivery. Even though I didn’t sign on for every point of view, I still enjoyed his work.

Now to my utter amazement, I have discovered his brother Peter courtesy of Radio National’s Religion and Ethics report. It must be in the genes but the voice is so close I couldn’t pick the difference and the conversational style identical. Where the differences lie makes it even more interesting though. Peter Hitchens is now a traditional Anglican after having been an Atheist until the 80’s while Christopher stayed an Atheist right up to his death.

In this particular interview with Andrew West, Peter is quizzed about QE II’s effect on the C of E and he makes some fascinating points. What is most remarkable about the interview is that it is rare to hear a conservative Christian offer anything more than slogans and a shallow understanding of where society stands at the moment whereas Hitchens,P shows a good deal of thought has been applied and he offers some excellent insights.

His defining of multiracial as opposed to multicultural is a very interesting pick up. It’s a definition that will interest a lot of Aussies. Comments about Murdoch are especially funny. Rather than blaming Rupert’s religion he thought he was just being a traditional Aussie.

Modernisers of the Faith will probably take issue with a lot of the content and if they are as eloquent as Peter Hitchens then I look forward to any related programs.

Listen to this excellent report here. Runs for 28 and a half minutes.


7 thoughts on “Has the Queen looked after the C of E?

    1. It’s amazing how close they sound.

      BTW Radio National has been a great listen at breaky up till today but Fran is back next week. John Doyle was brilliant.

    2. I wonder if both brothers ever went head to head over religion. It would have been fabulous to hear to brains examining each other’s arguments.

        1. Now that is an interesting thought. Seems to me that Peter might be a little more forthcoming though. He seems more relaxed and open in front of the cameras.

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