When the Law has a Champion who makes a difference–an Audio report

Late last year Radio National’s Law Report produced this excellent interview with the retiring Vic Health Commissioner, Beth Wilson. For those unaware ofHealth Commissioner Beth Wilson retires how our legal system works in Victoria, the system has a lot of loop holes so that scam merchants often get to operate for years before someone runs them out of town.

Beth Wilson has been performing this excellent work and is unrepentant over over outcomes like the suicide death of Peter de Angelis who ripped off folk under the guise of being an American Indian shaman. When you think of all the misery chaps like this have caused, it’s a reasonable outcome.

As you listen to this interview I think you will be impressed how an early school leaver (at 15) had the dedication to get back to school then on to a successful law career. The no nonsense attitude is refreshing in an area that lends itself to legalistic niceties and keeping the message complex.

I especially liked Beth’s comment on how you end up facing her. After a doctor operated on the wrong side of a woman , her comment was “And the reason that she complained was because the doctor sent her an invoice charging her for two hip replacements. So if a doctor really wants to get to see me professionally, then they should do the wrong thing, blame the patient and then try to make them pay for it. That’s a great way to get in my door.”


As ever, Damien Carrick has done another great interview.


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