Joe and Tony’s Magic pudding Tee shirt

Once upon a time the Liberal party used to pride itself on being strong economic managers, but that’s not something Tony or Joe seem to be much good at. Of course Joe did let slip that 10,000 public service jobs would be axed but that still didn’t help him with his Black Hole for funding the mounting promises.

You would think Tony would be able to work it out seeing as he was a Rhodes Scholar with a financial speciality but he must have put more effort into student politics because he hasn’t been able to help Joe out of the hole he finds himself in.

To commemorate the financial understanding these two chaps are exhibiting, I think it’s only fair to base it on Norman Lindsay’s children’s story, The Magic Pudding. (Every time to take a bite the pudding restores itself). I believe it was one of Tony’s text books back in his student days. (That, or he inadvertently pick up some other child’s school book.)



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