Following the US in Shock Jock hate

Aussies often hang it on the United States of America when it comes to quality of lifestyle presuming we have a superior model. In some respects such as in healthcare we can be proud but in some matters we are simply just a bit slower out of the blocks and treading the same path.

Shock Jocks are one such area at least for some of our folk.

This week we saw the trial of an idiot who made verbal threats against theA man who menaced federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon was later found to own five firearms. Federal AG Nicola Roxon and State Labor MP Jill Hennessy who were in company with Ms Hennessy’s 5 year old daughter. Comments like “slitting your throat with a hunting knife”, the gun hand gesture, and apparently several others were made to the pollies witnessed by several folk nearby.

I’m guessing the irony of this happening on ANZAC Day which is supposed to celebrate fighting for our Democracy, completely escaped Mark Andrew’s notice.

According to the details from the trial, Mark Andrew does not have any mental issues so I’m guessing he has been listening to that tower of intellect, Alan Jones, who regularly suggests Ms Gillard and co should be thrown in a chaff bag and dumped in the sea.

Yep. That’s the level of brilliance displayed by Jones and apparently some folk think this is worth listening to despite Jones regularly being exposed for his errors and outright manipulation.

Americans are already aware of where the Jones diatribe ends up after the attempted murder of a US senator and the death of several other folk sharing the stage with her. Political material on Sarah Palin’s web site with gun sight cross hairs over the Senator’s face caused quite a stir around the world despite her strident denials of having influenced the mentally weak murderer.

No one gets a free pass when commentators decide to try and destroy the Democratic process. Trying to damage respect for our system in the hopes of getting a turn in Government next time around is a level of selfishness that damages the country and all because of not being able to accept the result of the last Election. Get over it Alan.

The lesson for the commentators should be that in a Democracy you have to lose sometimes. That’s why we vote.

For the likes of Mark Andrew the lesson is “it’s just a game at the seat of power level.” The system works well despite the whining and the attempts to try and make it look like it doesn’t. Can it be improved? Hell yes, but not by destroying Democracy. Evolution before Revolution every time for me.

For the rest of us we don’t get to wash our hands of responsibility either. If you allow the Shock Jocks to peddle their childish material by listening you are ultimately giving oxygen to something that is a long way removed from the brand of Democracy we have enjoyed to this point and presumably what the ANZACS were all about.

If you hear your announcer use the term Juliar then have a think about how smart the person actually is. Primary school is where you might expect this level of dialogue to exist. Not from an adult on a syndicated radio program.

And if you see the word used of FaceBook ask the user if they realise you have to be at least 12 to be using the software. Democracy is a great system. Don’t let the shallow end of the gene pool destroy it.


6 thoughts on “Following the US in Shock Jock hate

    1. Ta Laurie but I can’t help thinking I’m pushing it up hill aiming for an improvement.

      TV is another area where the quality has dropped away too. The number of new programs celebrating slutty behavior beggars belief. It is setting Women’s Lib back decades.

  1. When Jones first started off in radio I thought he had some sensible and constructive ideas about running this country. Likewise Lawsie with his support for farmers and truckies and working-class people, but somewhere along the way they got distracted by money and their own importance.

    1. It’s the mighty dollar I’m afraid, GOF. Both chaps like to keep their benefactors hidden to maximise income.

      Can’t remember either of them apologising when caught out.

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