Spiderman–movie review–Excellent

I have been enjoying using up some of my movie passes courtesy of Father Xmas and one of these I used on the new Spiderman movie in 3D.

I’m not much into remakes but this one is a cut above the average. A strong cast and a contemporary approach lift this out of the ordinary and after having recently subjected myself to the woeful Prometheus, this was a return to a quality movie.

For starters the movie takes its time to develop the main characters and having Martin Sheen and Sally Field in the cast does it no damage at all. Also enjoyable was that Peter Parker was a skate board fan and it leads well into the acrobatics of the Spiderman character. I found myself wishing I had skateboard skills.

Unlike Prometheus, I cared for the characters on screen and felt quite emotional at various times throughout the flick. This is a bit of a bother when you wear glasses under the 3D specs and need to wipe away a tear. (I suppose getting prescription 3D specs is probably taking the movie experience just a tad too far. I must Google it.)

On the 3D effects, I caught myself ducking away from some explosive debris half way through the movie. I don’t know weather to blame the special effect or the screenplay writer. Either way it had me hooked.

I see some fans of the previous Spiderman hate this version but don’t be put off unless you really loved it. I really enjoyed this version and would sit through it again.


2 thoughts on “Spiderman–movie review–Excellent

  1. I’ve never seen a 3D movie and wondered about the mechanics of 3D glasses over prescription specs…..I’m assuming from your review that you’d recommend I go see one of these new fangled movies?

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