Tony Abbott’s enduring message

For those who may have missed the message.

Every day we see Tony declaring (praying for) more bad news, but luckily his God is simply not that mean spirited. Tony’s confident prediction of the Gillard Government not being able to survive 6 months has well and truly passed it’s use by date and in all likelihood will go the full distance.

Can we really stand listening to him whining about wanting a new election for another 18 months? By the look of the Polls, the Voters aren’t too keen on him already and I can’t imagine him talking his way into a better position. Serial whining just isn’t a winning tactic.

The really bad news for Tony is the only green visible in the Liberal Premiers is the Voters who voted them in believing they would protect the environment. Ted is trashing environmental policies every week and he looks soft compared to Campbell in Queensland who seems to have taken the proverbial bulldozer to anything with even a slightly green tinge. If that doesn’t trouble the Voters it bloody well should do especially in Queensland where the Great Barrier Reef faces shipping even within protected areas.

No wonder Tony is in a hurry.

So to commemorate Tony’s plight I have whipped up this Tee shirt on Zazzle. If I can do anything to assist folk understanding his message then it has to be good for Oz.


2 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s enduring message

    1. It would be a good job for a nomad. I have plenty in the Zazzle library and occasionally one gets bought. Probably about 1 a month.

      Sadly, the ones unkind to Collingwood supporters didn’t sell a one. 😦

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