Battleship–Movie review

After checking out the trailer for Battleship, I slipped along to the local cinema to check it out on the big screen. The very best way to watch an action flick and this movie certainly has the gfx that appreciate the cinema advantages.

Does it deliver on story? Well yes. If you enjoyed Independence Day (as I mostly did) then you will enjoy the movie because it follows that formulae. The actors are different but it ticks all the boxes that the Tea Party supporters would feel at home with.

Those boxes are

  • The bad guys are aliens so no problem with any politically correct requirements.
  • Great sound and gfx.
  • A Afro American or Latino chick to kick serious ass.
  • Pollies who don’t quite grasp the real problem
  • The military training makes a man of a drifter.
  • The sceptical Science guy becomes born again into the American Way
  • A disabled Vet helps save the day with the heavy hint that the disabled are well looked after.
  • The WW2 vets prove that big iron can solve anything.

For the most part it’s an action packed movie and how could they miss with a couple of AC/DC tracks to accompany carrier flight ops but I just don’t “get” the requirement to have a stand up fight between a human and alien. Same happened in Independence Day.

It did surprise that a Japanese Captain got to solve a problem but aside from that it carefully followed what it promised. A flick where vets and a Battleship get to save the world,

Clichéd but fun especially if you like AC/DC.


2 thoughts on “Battleship–Movie review

  1. It sounds like fun to me! As long as I don’t get any expectations up about originality I would be fine with it.
    And AC/DC would be fun to add to it!

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