Hunger Games–Movie review

I know this movie has a good rating on IMDB and it is an interesting flick, but I The Hunger Games Posterdidn’t get my socks blown off by it. I’m still thinking about why this might be. I haven’t read the book yet but will be doing so soon so I wasn’t that it was missing any preconceptions I may have had.

I may have been reading too much into the story because I kept thinking about how it related to other movies I have seen and indeed a few of the scenes reminded me strongly of earlier Sci Fi films and even some early human history material. I think there is a little of Gladiator, Logan’s Run, Rollerball (the James Caan flick from 1975), and the early part harks back to any old flick requiring human sacrifice. One part especially reminds me of Rollerball and I suspect the scene is a direct duplication of the original.

I think this happened because the production leaves a bit of time for reflection before it gets to the meat of the story which is what the last 10 minutes is about. In the final wash up I’m interested in what happens to the main characters and this felt like the preamble to set up the main protagonists.

I am impressed by the excellent computer control centre but then I always am these days. And I did like the “genetically modified” bugs that could sting you to death. I just had trouble thinking of a practical purpose for such a scientific intervention.

Yep. I’ll be checking out the next flick in the series and also reading the book of this fist in the series. I just home the novel has a little more depth to the story. That’s quite possible because the film is often the poor cousin of the book.


5 thoughts on “Hunger Games–Movie review

  1. I do think you are right that the true “meat” of the entire story is yet to come. I sat in the theatre when it was finished saying “I am not leaving until the next two movies are done and shown!” because there is so much interesting stuff in the next two books that I really want to see.
    I still think books are always better than movies because there’s just so much more that can be packed into them!

    1. Ta GOF. These come about because I’m running a FaceBook page called Horsham Direct and I want to encourage local businesses to use it. Posting movie trailers and reviews for the local cinema gives me some changing content.

  2. As for the Tracker Jackers….I seem to recall that they were genetically modified just for fun by The Capitol to torture the contestants in the Games. Definitely read the books. The movie did no justice to the horrible plight of the Districts nor the evil of The Capitol. 🙂

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