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This story is to jog the memory of all the old PNG pilots who will never forget Siwea.

It is also for all the arriving passengers who, during the final landing approach (when most of the airfield disappeared from view because of a steep uphill landing threshhold) were terrified and thought they were going to die.
Departing passengers too, whilst falling over the edge and dropping down into the Tewae gorge to gain flying speed with the Cessna stall-warning horn blaring, were also tricked into thinking that the future looked rather bleak.

To my knowledge the only person who ever did die in an aviation-related accident at Siwea was a pedestrian who was struck by the propeller of a landing aircraft.

The Siwea ‘strip was constructed circa 1970 by villagers using shovels to dig back into the mountain. It was 1500 feet in length at almost 6000 feet altitude which…

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  1. Well that’s the problem with this ever increasing lust for air travel. The airfields are spreading like wild fire and the natural landscapes are being lost forever. I remember when that was all fields…It seems like only yesterday.

    1. It sounds like the Europeans are hitting the high speed trains though. That has to make sense.

      I look at GOF’s pics and just imagine how nerve wracking it must have been in those days. Especially on take off when you rapidly approach the end of the runway.and suddenly see a steep valley below you.

      1. Yes I agree completely. When I read the description I couldn’t decide what would disturb me the most, the landing on what’s essentially a field or the taking off while aiming towards a vanishing runway! Either way it would probably make a good anecdote I suppose (particularly one to regale to nervous flyers!).

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